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7 Games Like Worms

Games Like Worms

The following games like Worms allow you to dabble in artillery strategy goodness.

This genre is certainly of the addictive sort and will keep your fingers busy for hours on end.

And quite like the title in question, the options we’ve laid out on a platter proffer similar attributes and features.

For many of you veteran gamers out there, you’ll find that a few of the gems mentioned here will bring a nostalgic tear to the eye. So without further ado, here are our picks.

1 – Scorched Earth 2000:

Scorched Earth 2000

One glance at the gameplay and graphics, and you’ll immediately begin reminiscing about the old classic game that was originally created by Wendell Hicken.

Well, in case that doesn’t ring a bell, the title was quite popular during the early 1990s.

Now according to the maker of Scorched Earth 2000, the version brought to light here comes relatively close to the original and even has a few surprises up its sleeve.

The web gem adds online multiplayer support for up to 8 individuals as well as a wide community and high scores table.

It’s an open-source project that can be played directly through your browser.

2 – Tank Wars:

Tank Wars

This entrant in our games similar to Worms roster jumps right in with some pretty exciting gameplay elements.

Tagged with the line ‘these little balls make a big boom,’ the aim here is to annihilate the opponent’s tank by shooting tiny bombs at it.

However, you’ll also have to stay alert and watch out for gunfire zipping straight at you from the opposing team.

The firepower is lethal enough to create deadly craters that could lead to your downfall. ‘Will they go boom before you go boom?,’ quips the brains behind Tank Wars.

3 – Hedgewars:


Hedgewars is a turn-based game that is fitted with different delicious ingredients such as action, artillery and even comedy.

Here you’ll be able to espy the brave antics of tiny pink hedgehogs.

Up to 8 players can get together and enjoy heated battles that take place across hilly regions.

There’s both local as well as network multiplayer options to choose from, complete with optional AI opponents.

Some of its other interesting features include 47 devastating weapons, 18 different modifiers and more than 22 environments.

And as far as customization is concerned, you’ll be able to take advantage of more than 120 costumes, 12 forts, 30 graves and 100s of flags.

4 – GunBound:


Among all the other Worms alternatives, GunBound seems to resemble it the most. Developed and maintained by Softnyx, the game is categorized under the turn-based, room-to-room, multiplayer section.

You’ll be sucked into a world that’s called Planet ‘Lond’ which has 7 moons.

As the creator reveals, you shouldn’t only rely on weaponry here. You must face the opponent and predict their moves if you wish to survive the dangerous scenario.

You’re called on to take on the role of a Land warrior and protect Rena as well as the peace of the land.

5 – iShoot:


While the options mentioned so far could only be enjoyed via the PC, here’s a game that proffers similar gameplay elements on the portable plane.

Strive to be the last tank standing. There are more than 30 weapons which include the likes of cluster bombs, shells, nuclear weapons and missiles.

Your goal here is to bury the enemy under a portable mountain.

iShoot even boasts of roping in a weapon editor for creating and deleting arsenal from the inventory.

While iShoot is available for just under a dollar, there’s even a free version as well as an iShoot 2 edition, which can be brought for just under $2.

6 – Death Tank:

Death Tank

This 2D multiplayer versus shooter in our games similar to Worms roundup unleashed across the Saturn console in 1996.

Developed by Lobotomy Software, Death Tank hit the scene in real-time instead of turn-based.

Now, for all those of you who are craving a bite of all the action in the present age, you’ll be elated to know that the title rolls out for the Xbox Live Arcade as a standalone version.

A cunning strategy and quick reflexes are what you need to get the upper hand while battling against your opponent.

You can also expect this edition to beam down complete with addictive gameplay and crisp graphics.

7 – Star Hogs: Online and Campaign Battles:

Star Hogs

By shelling out just under $4, you’ll be able to dabble in one of the fiercest turn-based battles out there.

Here you can seamlessly destroy the competition by employing a vast array of weapons and customization options.

You could take up the Vulcan gun or Cruise Missile to get the dastardly deed done.

There are 32 single-player levels as well as an additional 32 campaign maps thrown into the amalgamation.

And if you like to up the ante, you can exploit any one of the 3 difficulty levels. You’ll even be able to see a trio of gameplay modes namely Campaign, Multiplayer and Freeplay featured here.

Lastly, Star Hogs: Online and Campaign Battles can be played via your trusty Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


Developed by Team17, Worms is noted to be a series that boasts of hoarding a whole basket of impressive names under its belt.

Some of these include Armageddon, 3D, World Party, Battle Islands, Ultimate Mayhem, Open Warfare, A Space Oddity and Revolution.

So if you’re a true fan and have already tried your hand at these virtual treats, then you can sink your teeth into all of the aforementioned games like Worms.

Each of them has something delicious to bring to the table. Now in order to find out exactly what flavors each one holds, we suggest you dig right in immediately. And don’t forget to leave your favorites right here.