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7 Games Like Woozworld

Games Like Woozworld

The following games like Woozworld let you slip into an online universe where you can explore a whole plethora of possibilities. The virtual game lets you create your very own groovy avatars and dabble in a host of exciting activities. There’s no shortage of fun stuff to leap into via each of these titles. All you have to do is dive right in and see what they have to offer you on a platter. Let your imagination run wild within these confines.

1 – Poptropica:


Our first option seems to have captured the delight of not only children but parents as well. There are tons of fun activities and mysteries that require kids to use their problem-solving skills. Pronounced as pop-trop-i-kuh, they can create Poptropican characters and explore the different islands of the title in question. They’ll also be able to read digital comics and books, collect objects and watch movies during their stay here. Founded in 2007, the website even lets children take part in head-to-head competitions with players plucked from all over the globe.

2 – Club Penguin:

Club Penguin

After creating human-like avatars, we now pick out a title that lets you fashion your very own onscreen penguin character. You can further dress them up in a variety of colorful clothes and styles. What’s more, you’ll also be able to adopt and take care of some quite adorable pets known as Puffles. Besides this, the portal proffers more than 20 games and an intuitive safe chat option which only comprises of suggested phrases.

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This entrant in our games similar to Woozworld roster includes activities that require teamwork, motor skills, creativity and money management aspects. So parents of tweens and little children can leave their kids here without having worry-lines formed on their brow.

3 – Habbo:


Welcome to a virtual hotel environment that’s thriving with guest and public rooms created especially for your Habbo avatar. The website hits the scene tagged with the line, ‘make friends, play games and express yourself.’ Unleash your creativity by decorating your surroundings with trendy pieces of furniture and items, and even go ahead and adopt a furry creature. All these attributes and much more can be taken complete advantage of absolutely free of cost. However, be prepared to pay a tiny sum of money if you wish to procure club subscriptions and premium objects.

4 – Pixie Hollow:

Pixie Hollow

‘Create a fairy and fly,’ is the call to arms here. If you simply love Disney characters and everything associated with the magical brand, then you’re sure to fall head over heels for this particular inclusion in our Woozworld alternatives array. You can create your own whimsical fairy or sparrow man, give them mystical wings and watch as they flutter around the vast online terrain.

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Here you can further interact with other delightful players from across the world as well as indulge in interesting activities, take part in fairy fashion shows and avail of the many customization features offered by the site.

5 – WeeWorld:


When you fashion your WeeMee, you’ll be able to design your very own online space, make new friends, indulge in different activities and chat with players from anywhere across the globe. What’s more, the brains behind this endeavor reveals that some famous celebrities also have WeeMees present on this very platform. A few of these names read as Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Willow, and Snoop Dogg. And while having fun here, you’ll also be able to get involved in different fruitful activities like drug awareness programs and charitable campaigns.

6 – Meez:


Live an alternate lifestyle by sporting fashionable clothes and accessories, and hanging out with loads of friends on Meez. You can chill out with pals across a variety of online places such as Chillville, Uptown, Burbia, Posh Heights, Outlandia, Dockyards, Hell’s Kitchen and Arcadia. If you think these names sound cool, just wait till you actually dive right in. You can purchase snazzy items by earning something called virtual Coinz. This form of cash can even be used to decorate Roomz. And apart from all these goodies, the Meez Nation also provides players with more than 80 web-based casual games. Go ahead and place your thoughts on the online bulletin boards for all to see.

7 – SmallWorlds:


This contender in our games similar to Woozworld roundup is aimed at pleasing not only the teen crowd but the adult niche as well. Founded in 2005, the SmallWorlds game website proffers a 3D environment where you can hang out with friends, create your own snazzy look, design and decorate your room, go shopping and cultivate plants, among other things. There is also a host of single as well as multiplayer games to dive in right here. The latter even allows you to join forces with other players and hit the local arenas together as a team. And like many of the titles roped in here, this one too lets you adopt, care and love your very own virtual pet.


So there you have it. All of the aforementioned games like Woozworld are excellent choices to dabble in especially when you want to indulge in different fun activities, make new friends and explore new terrains. While some allow you to take on the role of a virtual human-like avatar, there are a few that let you step into the shoes of a penguin or a fairy. Choose your virtual playground and sink into its many features. Do give them all a go and tell us about which ones helped you unleash your creativity.