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7 Games Like Wolfquest

Leaping onto the scene are 7 different games like Wolfquest for nature lovers who simply adore the great outdoors. Wolfquest is a 3D wildlife simulation game that allows players to gain a better insight into wolves and wolf ecology. Now for those looking out for games that boast of a similar approach, we can definitely help you in your dilemma. Besides wolves, some of our picks even focus on other animals like horses, lions, birds and more. So get ready to dive into a wild safari without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Games Like Wolfquest

1 – FeralHeart:


What did you love about The Lion King movie? Was it the majestic beasts, the great landscapes like the Savannah and the elephant graveyard or a little of everything? Well, the free-roaming 3D RPG game dubbed FeralHeart allows you to take on the role of beautiful lions and experience all this and more. And besides just playing a feline figure, you can also roam across the vast expanses dressed in the fur of a wolf.

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You can customize your character in a number of ways. You’ll be able to alter its whole body and even change the eye-color and pelt-color, and even opt for different distinctive markings. So set off on an exciting adventure and discover the dangerous lives of lions and wolves.

2 – The Endless Forest:

The Endless Forest

This entrant in our games similar to Wolfquest roster is another great treat christened The Endless Forest. As the name quite aptly suggests, you’ll be pulled into an endless forest that’s blessed with a peaceful and serene atmosphere. But instead of prancing around as a wolf or lion, you get to step into the hooves of a deer and gracefully sprint your way through this tranquil treat. You can further communicate with your kin by using sound and body language.

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The various beautiful areas strewn across the lush land include a mysterious ruin, a forest, and a lovely pond. While trotting around the place, beware of sudden showers and falling rocks. Furthermore, the maker of this multiplayer online game urges you to, ‘run through the forest and see what happens.’

3 – Fly Like A Bird:

Fly Like A Bird

The MMOG, Fly Like A Bird indeed lets you soar the virtual skies disguised as different types of avian. In this game, you must fly across the wide city and perch on rooftops of the various buildings scattered across town. Fill your poo-o-meter, fly around and bombard the wandering traffic wardens and unsuspecting people with your poo. Swoop through the streets foraging for food and even build nests to lay eggs in and raise your young ones. You can also meet and chat with other high fliers in multiplayer mode. And apart from enjoying this delight via your browser, you can also download the Android version of the same from Google Play.

4 – Wolf-Haven:


Wondering what this next inclusion in our Wolfquest alternatives list is all about? Well, Wolf-Haven is described by its developer as a unique wolf role-playing game that enables nature lovers to enter in and create their very own sort of wild canine. Once they’ve zeroed in on a particular appearance, they can explore a vast map and roam around the plain gathering equipment and joining packs. What’s more, players can even strive to become a powerful beast by facing off against formidable enemies and rivals.

5 – Animal Jam:

Animal Jam

No, Animal Jam isn’t a new exotic flavor you might want to try with your bread. It’s an online virtual playground fashioned especially for kids who love the outdoors. Looked upon as an initiative between National Geographic Global Media and Smart Bomb Interactive, the game lets little ones create and customize their very own animal characters and dens.

They’ll also be treated to real-world plant and animal facts as well as loads of fun educational content that roll out in the form of games and activities. Tiny tots will even be encouraged to protect these wonderful creatures, some of which are on the brink of extinction.

6 – MyStable:


MyStable is a little different from the other games similar to Wolfquest. Here, instead of actually trotting around as the animal figure, you get to remain a human and dabble in horse breeding and training. You’ll be able to acquire fantastic virtual horses, each with its own unique abilities. Place them in individual stable blocks and clean, groom and feed them at regular intervals. Aim to be the best there is in the horse training and breeding business. You can even catch wild mares and stallions which run freely across the in-game mountains, forests, and meadows. Once you’ve managed to capture a few horses, you can train them to be champions.

7 – Wolfhome:


When the full moon is spotted overhead, you can be sure to hear the eerie howls of the wolf. Experience what it’s like to be one among the wolf pack in the 2D graphical avatar chat game called Wolfhome. As the developer suggests, ‘get out of your weak human skin and borrow a wolf’s pelt and claws.’ Besides being able to communicate with other players through text-only chats, you can also control your very own unique avatar and stride across the meadow, forest or castle room. There’s even a dedicated area allotted especially for those who like to indulge in some role-playing.


The aforementioned games like Wolfquest cater to all animal enthusiasts who simply love to roam the wide-open acres and discover new experiences outside of their natural habitat. So after scanning through the 7 choices, which ones did you appreciate the most? Do let us know by commenting on your favorites and even leaving a suggestion or two in the box below.