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8 Games Like Wizard 101

Games Like Wizard 101

If you’re scouring the internet for games like Wizard 101, then you’ve halted at the right place. You can expect 8 great treats packed to the hilt with MMORPG elements as well as other intriguing features that will definitely have you glued to your PC or laptop for hours on end. And even if some of the names seem familiar to you, we still urge you to try your hand at all the games we’ve suggested below.

1 – Club Penguin:

Club Penguin

Club Penguin not only seems like an apt substitution to Wizard 101 but also a worthy alternative if you like dabbling in Habbo and Fantage. Here, you can create cute cartoon avatars of yourself and explore a vast virtual world. Although it’s meant for kids aged between 6 and 14, players exceeding this limit may also indulge in some penguin fun.

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The various activities you can engage in include earning in-game coins, adopting a Puffle pet and attending special events. Developed by Disney, the game also lets you chat, emote and send greeting cards through the website.

2 – Free Realms:

Free Realms

In Free Realms, you’ll be pulled into a 3D universe wearing the guise of a special in-game character that can be created by you. This inclusion in our games similar to Wizard 101 array lets you live an alternate virtual life. This means you can mine for gold and look for treasure, race your car around this unique world, cook up a tasty meal, decorate your house and even invite all your friends over for a little get-together.

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Fancy having a pet? Well, go ahead and pick up one from the Adoption Center. Feel like roughing up some bad guys? Take up your weapon and arm yourself against terrors like hobgoblins, giant spiders and forest trolls.

3 – Fiesta:


Step into a fantasy world filled with incredible beasts and guild wars. Fiesta calls on all brave players to embark on adventures in the land of Isya. Here, you can challenge a random opponent to a dual and even build items that can later be sold in your personal store. You’ll be able to slide into the shoes of a fighter, archer, trickster, cleric or mage and journey through an epic story.

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Take part in Kingdom Quests where up to 15 players can come together and battle scary monsters. And by dabbling in a few of these, you’ll get to make new friends, gain experience and even level up.

4 – Pirate 101:

Pirate 101

If you’re a fan of those swashbuckling sea robbers, then you’re going to simply love Pirate 101. As you might have already guessed, it’s similar to Wizards 101, but instead of magical individuals, you’ll get to see bandits wearing nifty boots and cool eye patches. See what it’s like to be a pirate as you partake in board game combat, climb aboard flying ships and discover distant worlds.

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What’s more, it offers challenging quests for all players, irrespective of the age factor. And like a few of the other games in our Wizard 101 alternatives roster, this one can also be played absolutely free of cost.

5 – Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall:

Cartoon Network Universe FusionFall

Want to walk among your favorite cartoon characters? Well, enter the world of Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall which is packed with a plethora of platforming challenges, exciting missions and loads of puzzles. You can even rub shoulders with familiar characters like Ben 10, Samurai Jack and Dexter.

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You’ll have to put your game face on and defend yourself against dangerous monsters and the dark versions of the Cartoon Network icons, who call themselves Fusions. The game further allows you to create your very own custom avatars and traverse across fun-filled environments.

6 – RuneScape:


Looking for something that focuses a little less on the comical side and a bit more on serious elements? Then might we suggest you take a peek at RuneScape? This fantasy MMORPG game springs to the forefront, bringing along with it kingdoms, castles, regions, and clans, all plucked right out from the medieval era. There are more than 150 extra quests to take advantage of as well as 9 extra skills to train with. After creating your character, you can also build your own home and take part in 20 members-only mini-games. Craft unique clans comprising of all your friends and complete in different tasks together.

7 – ToonTown Online:

ToonTown Online

After mentioning Club Penguin, we now include another Disney delight in our games similar to Wizard 101 list namely, ToonTown Online. This family-friendly game lets you fashion your own quirky cartoon characters and give them a unique name that matches their personality, perhaps. Plant your own garden, go fishing and play mini-golf without having to leave your seat.

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What’s more, you’ll be able to acquire exciting rewards like gags, jellybeans, and trophies for all your in-game efforts. However, you’ll have to be wary of the evil robot Cogs who are bent on sucking the fun out of everything. Defeat them by using different gags such as water squirts and good old cream pies.

8 – MapleStory:


MapleStory is noted to be a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG game that lets you set out on epic adventures along with other players strewn all across the globe. After training on Maple Island, you can head straight to Victoria Island and opt for any one of the 4 roles namely, warrior, magician, bowman, and thief. According to the maker, there are loads of charming characters and immersive backgrounds thrown into the amalgamation.

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Here, you can make new friends, complete challenging quests and fight against fierce monsters. And to top it all, MapleStory is also free to play, so dive in anytime you feel a little adventurous.


Why be confined to just wizard wonder and magic marvels when you can exploit the MMORPG aspect with other themes and backdrops? Aiming to offer you a complete buffet in this aspect, we’ve jotted down the top games like Wizard 101. Do let us know which ones tugged at your heartstrings and even suggest a few of your own. You can leave your comments in the box situated below.

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