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7 Games Like WeeWorld

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Games like WeeWorld let you create your very own online avatar and even socialize with individuals from all across the globe. Much like the title that’s shining in the spotlight here, the options also provide a virtual world where you can indulge in different fun activities, play games and even make a ton of new friends. Here you can escape from the real world and enter a virtual one where you’re in charge of things. You can dress up in the latest treads and even decorate your own online space just the way you want.

1 – Habbo:

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Welcome to an online hotel environment that allows you to check-in with a virtual avatar. There are loads of guest and public rooms to take advantage of here. You can even unleash your creativity in your own personal space by decorating it with different virtual objects of your choice. Some of the other things you can do include chatting with newfound friends, throwing crazy parties, engaging in fun activities, completing quests and earning badges.

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Aimed at youngsters aged 13 and above, Habbo also lets you adopt a furry companion. And although it’s free to play, you can procure premium objects and club subscriptions by shelling out a tiny sum of money.

2 – Meez:

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This entrant in our games similar to WeeWorld roster provides your refuge from your daily activities through various chill zones like Chillville, Dockyards, Posh Heights, Burbia, Arcadia, Hell’s Kitchen, Uptown and Outlandia, to name a few. In Meez can step in and explore all these places as well as dress up in the latest fashion, watch videos and even take care of a virtual pet. You’ll further be able to get better acquainted with like-minded individuals and create a personal 3D space for entertaining only a select few. The site is also embedded with more than 80 web-based casual games and bulletin boards where you can express your deepest thoughts aloud.

3 – IMVU:

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As the brains behind IMVU reveal, there are social butterflies from more than 90 different countries fluttering to this particular site. Do you wish to join in the fun too? Well, if you’re nodding in the affirmative, here’s a little more information about the portal. It’s a fun place where you can create 3D avatars of yourself, dress them up in snazzy outfits and even set your own fashion trends.

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You’ll further be able to meet new people, try out different activities, chat with other members and play online games. There’s plenty of user-generated content to relish out here. You too can create 2D stickers and 3D products as well as join interesting groups where you can chat about your favorite hobbies or current issues.

4 – Gaia Online:

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The online hangout spot is packed to the hilt with forums that are buzzing with hot topics, tons of fun games, and other social networking features that allow you to stay in touch with new pals. The anime-themed inclusion in our WeeWorld alternatives array forayed onto the scene almost a decade ago and is still looked upon as a reliable source of entertainment for many.

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During your stay here, you can breathe life into a funky character, decorate your own virtual home and maybe even own an aquarium. Gaia Online also incorporates different gaming titles like zOMG!, fishing and word puzzles. And lastly, you can exploit the large variety of decorative items, clothes and accessories that are provided by the website.

5 – Club Penguin:

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Besides just catering to tweens and teenagers, we’ve also roped in a couple of names that can be enjoyed by a slightly younger audience. Now instead of creating an avatar that’s chiseled in the likeness of a human, Club Penguin allows you to see just what it’s like to be a penguin. You can even provide your onscreen character with trendy bits of clothing and accessories.

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As the company reveals, you’ll be able to indulge in more than 20 fun activities that require you to use creativity, teamwork and motor skills. What’s more, the website employs an intuitive safe chat option where the youth can chat with others by using only suggested phrases.

6 – Zwinky:

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This contender in our games similar to WeeWorld roundup strides onto the scenario with the tagline, ‘discover a place where fun, friends and fashion collide.’ Come to Zwinktopia and dive right into a plethora of fun activities. On Zwinky you can play exciting games, decorate your personal dorm room, converse with pals via chat rooms and shop for furniture. Furthermore, you can earn ZBucks and Zchievements by partaking in a host of different activities and exploring new areas. And after you’ve gathered up some virtual currency, you can choose whether to save it or splurge at the Zwinchester mall.

7 – Woozworld:

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Hop on to create your very own onscreen avatar known as a ‘Woozen’ and play a wide range of fun games. Here you can join other players and hang out at different virtual places within these confines as well as even make a few friends along the way.

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You’ll be able to dress up your character in stylish clothes, throw fabulous parties, become a top model and take part in exciting contests. Founded in 2009, Woozworld is an interesting social network service that also proffers a safe and supervised chat tool that permits only pre-approved words.


Want to get your hands on some fresh names that involve meeting new people, creating trendy avatars and playing fun games? Well, you can do all this and more by exploring deeper into each of the aforesaid games like WeeWorld. We know WeeWorld is a great place to hang out with newfound buddies but if you’re looking for a slight change, we suggest you try out these delectable games. And after you’ve done that, don’t forget to tell us which ones caught your fancy.

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