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5 Games Like Webkinz

Games Like Webkinz

The following games like Webkinz allow you to get up close and personal with adorable virtual creatures. Can’t keep a pet at home but still want to look after and care for fantastic creatures? Well, you can turn to the internet to satisfy that craving as the web is filled with innovative options that allow you to do just that and a whole lot more. You won’t even have to invest in a plush toy to avail of all the features these options have to offer. And besides just being all about pet adoption, the names listed here also let you interact with friends and even make new ones.

1 – Neopets:


Neopets is noted to be a virtual pet website that’s packed to the hilt with loads of fun activities. You can also own a cute virtual pet and pamper it with toys, food, clothes, and medicine. These items can be purchased by using the in-game currency called Neopoints. You’ll be able to acquire this sort of virtual moolah by indulging in different fun games or buying some with real-world money. What’s more, on signing up for a new free account, you’ll even receive 2,500 free Neopoints to get you started.

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During your stay here, you can explore exotic areas such as Krawk Island, Faerieland, Kreludor, and Haunted Woods, to name a few. There are 3 types of membership plans proffered here. For periods of 1, 4 and 12 months, you’ll have to shell out just under $8, $25 and $70, respectively. When you opt for any one of these schemes, you bargain for weekly space faerie scratchcards, monthly bonus Neopoints and even the ability to adopt a fifth crazy critter.

2 – Club Penguin:

Club Penguin

The brains behind this entrant in our games similar to Webkinz roster invites you to ‘waddle around and meet new friends.’ But as you might have already guessed, you won’t be doing it in a conventional way. Here you’ll get to take on the guise of a hip penguin whom you can dress up in snazzy clothes and plenty of bling. Additionally, you’ll even be able to adopt colorful critters known as Puffles. Each of these cute creatures comes drenched in a spectacular hue and sport different personalities. And when you aren’t fussing with your adorable Puffles, you can try your hand at other activities such as reading comics, arts and crafts, outdoor activities, coloring pages and checking out recipes. There’s even an intuitive safe chat option that allows children to interact with other kids by using only special suggested phrases.

3 – Marapets:


Besides just being a free and safe virtual pet website, Marapets also boasts of incorporating fun dress-up games and other sorts of activities to keep you busy while online. Here you’ll be able to explore 21 unique virtual worlds as well as make new friends and even indulge in some highly addictive games. There are also active online community events open for you. Additionally, the portal is full of cute creatures that are simply waiting to be cuddled and cared for. You can spoil them with gifts, feed them goodies and provide medical attention whenever they fall ill. Jump right in and take charge of up to 12 critters and earn money by trying your hand at different activities. Some of the areas you can venture into include the job center, hospital, battle arena, gym, school, hotel and Gate of the Graveyard.

4 – Moshi Monsters:

Moshi Monsters

The developer of Moshi Monsters in our Webkinz alternatives array beckons you to explore Monstro City and enter competitions, take part in fun activities, design your own room, solve puzzles and tend to your garden. What’s more, you can purchase virtual goodies by spending in-game currency known as Rox. You’ll also be able to espy other features here such as news-feeds, buddy lists, Monster blogs, and pin-boards. Be a super Moshi, show off your artwork in the Guggenheim, attended the underground disco and even head out to Gift Island. And if you want to cuddle your Moshi Monster while you’re away from your PC, you can also pick up plush toys in 6 variants namely, Poppet, Furi, Zommer, Diavlo, Katsuma, and Luvli.

5 – Subeta:


Free games, friends, and forums flourish right here. This enticing contender in our games like Webkinz round-up lets you adopt your very own virtual pet and even create a unique human avatar complete with stylish clothes and accessories. On signing up for an account here, you’ll be able to pick up a pet and acquire a starter kit with cool items. Subeta lets you choose from over 60 species of creatures. You can even earn precious sP currency which comes in handy for acquiring items for you and your furry tyke. You can also busy yourself playing fun games that fall under different categories like chance, arcade, mind, miscellaneous and collection. There are also loads of virtual stores you can visit such as the beanbag shop, grooming parlor, the bakeshop and magic box.


Webkinz brings your plush toy to life, on the online terrain of course. Through Webkinz, you can even give it a cute name and its very own special home area which you can decorate with a plethora of objects. And after you’ve spent the 2,000 KinzCash you receive after signing up, you can always earn more by taking part in several arcade games, and at Quizzy’s Question Corner.

Now if you’re looking for more games like Webkinz, you can try out all of the aforementioned names and pick one that had your attention for hours on end. And when you find that winner, don’t forget to leave your comments in the box situated just below.