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7 Games Like Tropico

Games Like Tropico

So you’re looking for games like Tropico to indulge in? Well, we have quite a feast spread out for you here. And although each of the following names doesn’t exactly replicate the title in question, you’ll still be able to enjoy all the tantalizing features they proffer especially if you are an ardent fan of the construction and management simulation genre. This would involve everything from politics to city-building goodness and even resource management. Now if you’re already done with all the Tropico iterations and are eagerly awaiting another installment in the series, we suggest you waste no time in picking up all of the games listed here.

1 – Cities XL 2012:


Here, you get to step into the shoes of a virtual mayor who must deal with the woes of modern city planners which include public transportation and energy shortages. You must also cater to the needs of your city’s inhabitants and pay special attention to aspects like employment, recreation and housing. Take your city to new heights and gain financial success by setting up trade networks with neighboring towns.

Developed and published by Focus Home Interactive, the Cities XL 2012 comes complete with more than 50 new buildings and 1,000 constructions that can be strewn across 62 large maps which comprise of different terrains and in-depth detailing. This game is noted to be the third installment in the Cities XL franchise and was released in late 2011.

2 – SimCity 2013:

SimCity 2013

This urban planning, city-building simulation treat in our games similar to Tropico roster hit the terrain just a couple of months ago for the PC. It’s been nearly a decade since SimCity 4 released, and this major installment comes as a much-awaited treat for fans of the franchise. Developed by Maxis and published by EA, the expansive city management game lets you play just one single region or up to 16 cities simultaneously with different specializations.

You’ll even be able to track wealth, population, happiness and education across your virtual land. The creative minds behind this endeavor have also thrown in a multiplayer mode which allows you to compete and collaborate with other simulation enthusiasts in order to earn special achievements.

3 – Anno 2070:

Anno 2070

The engaging entrant is noted to be an economic simulation and city-building game that’s infused with real-time strategy goodness. In this futuristic scenario, you must reconstruct a devastated world that’s been altered by the rising level of the ocean and climate changes. Your goal here is to create a flourishing society complete with colonized islands and successful megacities. This can be carried out by mastering the art of diplomacy, trade, and resources.

There will also be engineer production chains like robot factories and diamond mines dotted across your cities. Anno 2070was unveiled across the gaming terrain in November 2011.

4 – Caesar IV:

Caesar IV

From futuristic constructions, we now take you to the land of togas – ancient Rome. Developed by Tilted Mill Entertainment and published by Sierra Entertainment, this inclusion in our Tropico alternatives array was unleashed in 2006 for PC by Vivendi Games. Here you’ll get a chance to strut your laurel wreath and grand robes as you pose as provincial governors plucked right out of the flourishing Roman Empire.

You can spend time developing hoards of cities across 5 specific geographical regions such as Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. Your strategy can also change depending on the climatic conditions you’re subjected to.

5 – Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile:

Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile

Although a bit older than the rest, this enticing treat still provides some pretty fun gameplay elements. Also developed by the brains behind the aforesaid gem, this one hit the scene more than half a decade ago. While the earlier title took you to Rome, this one will allow you to explore the flourishing region of Egypt, home of the Great Pyramids and the gigantic Sphinx.

Your adventure kicks off with just gatherers and hunters. You must work your way through the ages, building large temples and majestic tombs while catering to the needs of your scribes, priests, laborers, and entertainers. Here’s your opportunity to pick up your crook and flail and be the best pharaoh to your people, seeing them through famines, floods and prosperous times.

6 – Anno 1404:

Anno 1404

Also known as Dawn of Discovery, this economic simulation and city-building game merge with real-time strategy elements to bring forth an exciting delight. Here you’ll be able to discover the Orient in all its glory by mastering the intricacies of diplomacy, trade, and economy. You’re tasked with building great monuments, making agreements and learning all about new technologies to produce items like carpets, mosaic, and coffee.

Earn the respect of the sultans and kings of that era and form a good reputation during your stay here. This one was released in 2009 for PC, Wii and Nintendo DS.

7 – City Life:

City Life

The final contender in our games similar to Tropico roundup brings you back to the modern 21st century where you’re called on to create your dream metropolis, just the way you envisioned it. You can fill your city with beautiful villas in the residential areas and build tall skyscrapers in the financial districts. Furthermore, you’ll have to see the entertainment facilities and health care of your citizens, as well as provide them with the best amenities out there. Developed by Monte Cristo, you can acquire this one for the PC and Nintendo DS.


The series shining in the spotlight here captured the fancy of gamers with its engaging installments that were all categorized under the construction and management simulation section. The first iteration entered for Windows and Mac PCs more than a decade ago. Through the years, the series enticed players with 3 more sequels. We now invite you to look beyond the El Presidente and banana republics and relish some exciting games like Tropico. Try them all out and return with tales of your victory.