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7 Games Like Torchlight

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The following games like Torchlight proffer tons of exciting action-RPG elements. You’ll also have to put on a brave face if you are to traverse through those creepy dungeon labyrinths and engage in combat with hideous creatures. What’s more, all these engaging scenarios are set against a fantasy-themed backdrop. We know the virtual terrain isn’t short on these sorts of games. However, we’ve gathered the crème of the crop so that you can satisfy your action craving with only the finest delights.

1 – Diablo III:

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We start the party with the Diablo series’ third iteration which dived right in last year with elements like hack and slash, and dungeon crawl. Published and developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Diablo III also featured powerful enemies, formidable weapons and brilliant terrains to explore. You’re called on to investigate rumors about a fallen star and hence must travel to the town of Tristram.

You can further opt from 5 character classes such as barbarian, monk, demon hunter, wizard and witch doctor. As the stages progress, you’ll be able to conjure up demonic minions, pick up pieces of shiny loot and battle against evil with fire and ice.

2 – Path of Exile:

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This free-to-play online game takes you to the world of Wraeclast where you’ll experience barter-based online item economy, competitive PvP, deep character customization, and ladder races. This entrant in our games similar to Torchlight roster offers you half a dozen playable character classes that focus on attributes like dexterity, strength, and intelligence. These races include witch, templar, shadow, duelist, ranger, and marauder. You can even arm yourself with powerful magical artifacts and skills so that you’ll be able to survive whatever this post-apocalyptic universe has to throw at you. The title is currently in open beta, so take a peek.

3 – Titan Quest:

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The developer invites you to ‘discover the courage that turns heroes into legends.’ Through this delight, you’ll be able to roam across ancient terrains situated in Egypt, Asia, and Greece. This means your escapades will take place at the Parthenon and the Great Pyramids, among other fantastic sites.

The Titans have returned and the mighty Gods are on the lookout for a hero who’s willing to stop the gigantic creatures. Will that brave soul be you? If you’re nodding with excitement be warned, you’ll also have to face mythological beasts as well as other hideous creatures.

4 – Sacred 2 Fallen Angel:

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If you’re an ardent hack-and-slash fan then you’ll definitely be interested in procuring this particular inclusion. And similar to the other delights listed in our Torchlight alternatives array, you can opt from different playable classes like High Elf, Seraphim, Dryad, Inquisitor, Temple Guardian, and Shadow Warrior.

Drenched with fantasy elements, Sacred 2 Fallen Angel also features unique items, massive dungeons, challenging quests, and dangerous opponents. The PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 compatible option further boasts of character-specific fighting styles as well as a deep reward system.

5 – Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition:

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The original game made its presence felt on the scene in 1998 when it released for the PC. Now taking the overall gameplay up a notch, this special edition pack comes complete with the entire Baldur’s Gate adventure as well as the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack. You’ll also find new content like an adventure known as The Black Pits along with 3 party members – Dorn II-Khan the evil blackguard, Neera the Wild Mage and the Calishite monk Rasaad Yn Bashir.

And although BioWare was responsible for the development of the original Baldur’s Gate, this particular bundle is developed by Overhaul and published by Atari.

6 – Fate:

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Although it’s christened with a simple name, this contender in our games similar to Torchlight is far from bland. This single-player action RPG gem released in 2005 and has 3 expansions attached to it namely, Undiscovered Realms, The Traitor Soul and The Cursed King. When you play through this one, you’ll be treated to magic spells, unique weaponry, pet transformations, and fiery dungeons. According to the brains behind this endeavor, you’re required to guide a stranger to an ancient temple. Now, this holy shrine is situated at the very end of a perilous dungeon and you can bet your bottom dollar that the path is far from being safe.

7 – Dungeon Siege III:

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Developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Square Enix, Dungeon Siege III is noted to be an action RPG game that’s available for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. You can explore its vast confines by taking on the guise of anyone from 4 playable characters namely, Anjali, Lucas, Katarina, and Reinhart.

You’ll also be able to exploit 4-player online and co-op play modes that come in handy for eliminating foes along with a little help from close buddies. There’s plenty of magic, special moves and even an arsenal of weapons to employ here.


Developed by Runic, Torchlight hit the Windows platform in 2009. The following year, the makers unleashed a Mac OS X port via Steam and even an XBLA version in 2011. The game proffered 3 character classes namely, Alchemist, Vanquisher, and Destroyer. The game was also packed with peril, monsters, treasures, randomly generated levels, items, and puzzles. You could even bring along a pet for companionship while you trudge through the dangerous areas.

Now being a fan of this genre, you might have already played a couple of these mentions. However, we suggest you try your hand at all of the aforesaid games like Torchlight and decide which ones are your favorites. And don’t forget to pen down your comments right here.