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7 Games Like There

Games Like There

The following games like There transport you to virtual worlds where the only limitation would be your imagination. The website in question entered the scene attached with the tagline, ‘your friends are here.’ Well, if you’re looking for a change of scene but still want to be surrounded by all your pals, don’t hesitate to jump into any of the titles mentioned in this space. You’ll be able to roam around new pastures, soaking in everything they have to offer. This includes making new friends, taking part in activities, living alternate lifestyles and playing dress-up with your avatars.

1 – Habbo:


This is certainly one hotel you can check into but will definitely find it hard to leave due to its many captivating features. Teenagers can easily take on the role of just about anybody they want, without any inhibitions. You’re called on to express yourself and simply have a good time roaming around a virtual hotel environment that includes separate guest and public rooms. You’ll be able to decorate your allotted space with unique styles and even adopt an adorable pet. Now although you can dive right in without even paying a cent, things like premium items, club subscriptions and Habbo Credits all require you to shell out a small fee.

2 – IMVU:


Through this particular entrant in our games similar to There roster, you can create 3D avatars of yourself and paint the virtual town red with your unique style and glamor. During your stay, you’ll be able to meet new individuals, chat with other members and engage in different fun activities. The scene is packed with plenty of user-generated content to exploit.

What’s more, you can hop onto the bandwagon and even create 2D stickers and 3D products of your own. Join interesting groups, dress up your character in the latest brands and chat with others about your favorite hobbies and trending topics.

3 – Second Life:

Second Life

Just as the name suggests, it’s a second chance at living life, this time on your terms and conditions. Your unique online avatar can be anything you want it to be. You could take on the guise of a blood-sucking vampire or step into the hooves of an animal. After you’ve decided upon a trendy look, you can explore a 3D world and even interact with other interesting members.

Impress your new friends by flaunting the latest threads and designer items that can be picked up from the in-game marketplace. And as far as chatting with your pals are concerned, you’ll be able to employ either voice or text forms for the same. Don’t hesitate to take on a new adventure each day.

4 – Moove:


Staying true to its pronunciation, this inclusion in our There alternatives array lets you create 3D avatars called ‘actors’ by employing the unique Actor Studio option. And once you’re done crafting your very own character, its lights, camera and action all the way. Ever wanted to decorate your own living space? Well, you’ll be provided with an unlimited supply of 3D rooms which can be decked up with carpets, furniture, mirrors and paper walls. What’s more, your online model can even sport lifelike gestures and facial expressions. Interact with other members on this site by either using your voice or webcam.

5 – Kaneva:


The developer of this website calls on all you tech enthusiasts to ‘discover the digital you.’ You can hang out with other interesting individuals at the hip, entertainment hot spots around the place. When you avail of this option, you’ll be sucked into a fun-filled digital metropolis where you can set up your own 3D home, take long walks on the beach and even dance the night away.

Share your innermost desires with other members of this 3D MMO. The brains behind this endeavor further encourage you to bring your imagination along for the ride.

6 – Active Worlds:

Active Worlds

Keeping in tune with the name, you’ll never find a dull moment while exploring the confines of this virtual place. You can opt from a wide variety of online avatars and even shop until you drop. You’ll even be able to claim your very own piece of land where you’re given the liberty to build anything you fancy. You can decide to erect a huge castle or settle into a cozy cottage.

This contender in our games similar to There roundup also lets you make new friends from all over the globe and indulge in a plethora of interesting activities. And if the developer is to be believed, the Alphaworld features land that’s larger than California. So get right to it as you’ll have a lot of exploring to do.

7 – Meez:


Want to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of present-day life? Well, why not jump online and enter the various chill zones Meez has to offer? You can foray into different ‘hoods’ like Chillville, Uptown, Arcadia, Hell’s Kitchen and Outlandia. Dress up in the latest fashion, explore new places, watch videos and even create a pet for company. You won’t be alone here as you’ll have all your buddies hanging out with you as well. The website even allows you to create a personal 3D space for interacting only with select individuals.


The portal in the spotlight was founded in 1998 and allowed members to roam around a 3D online virtual world. It also enabled them to indulge in different activities and live out their innermost fantasies, all on the virtual plane. In a similar fashion, all of the aforesaid games like There let you take complete advantage of an alternate world where you can play games, decorate your space and interact with individuals from all around the globe. And if you’ve found your appropriate option, why not leave your mentions in the comment box situated just below?