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7 Games Like The Settlers

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Games like The Settlers all comprise of real-time strategy elements to keep any fan of the said series occupied for hours on end. Now the following options may not exactly emulate the title in question however they will surely appeal to those of you who have spent sleepless nights dabbling in the various titles that were unveiled under the series name. So if you want to relive those wonderful times with some alternatives that bear the same aroma, we suggest you read on and pick out your favorites.

1 – Empire Earth:

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Developed by Stainless Steel Studios, this particular game galloped across the Windows platform in 2001. The history-based treat calls you to traverse through 500,000 years of human civilization where you can take part in some of the most epic battles that were fought between great nations. As you progress in Empire Earth, you’ll be introduced to new buildings, technologies, and weapons.

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However, there will always be rival civilizations opposing you along the way. There is also a Gold Edition that’s up for grabs which comprises of the original EE title as well as the expansion pack called The Art of Conquest.

2 – Age of Empires Online:

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This entrant in our games similar to The Settlers roster is a free-to-play title that takes you on an exciting journey through time. Here you’ll be able to dabble with some of the world’s greatest civilizations like the Greeks, Celts, Persians, and Egyptians. And as you might have already guessed, it does comprise of RTS features and even comes complete with customization attributes, social interaction, and MMORPG elements.

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By taking part in various quests you’ll be able to level up and earn rewards. Furthermore, you can also play either cooperatively or competitively with other players. So go ahead and build mighty empires.

3 – Anno 1404:

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Besides simply proffering RTS elements, Anno 1404 also boasts of incorporating city-building and economic gameplay features. It sailed across the Windows platform in June 2009 and brought along with it new embellishing objects, customizable elements, an intuitive interface, and a modifiable sandbox mode.

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Anno 1404 takes you to the Orient where you’ll be able to explore new fantastic places and even come in close contact with the technology and culture of the different islands. A year after the gem was released, an expansion called Anno 1404 Venice was made available to the audience at large.

4 – The Stronghold Collection:

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This inclusion in our The Settlers alternatives array rolls out with five real-time strategy titles that are all set in the Middle Ages. Developed by Firefly Studios, The Stronghold Collection comprises of the original castle simulation gem as well as Stronghold 2, Crusader, Crusader Extreme which brings forth 20 new missions, and Stronghold Legends.

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Here you’ll have to expand your kingdom, keep the peasants in line by conducting public executions and even host jousting festivals and large banquets for your subjects.

5 – Knights and Merchants: The Peasants Rebellion:

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Speaking of medieval settings, here’s another RTS game that exuberates with the same flavor. This delectable gem comprises of the original Knights & Merchants: The Shattered Kingdom as well as its expansion pack. As the developer reveals, it comes with a complex daily life’ economy and no population cap which means your army can comprise of as many soldiers as you can afford to feed. You are one among the last group of loyalists who must go to the king’s aid when the armies of the rebel lords threaten the former royal capital. You’re called on to win back the provinces that were once held by the king.

6 – Warcraft III Reign of Chaos:

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The next contender in our games similar to The Settlers roundup plunges you into a mystical world where your only hope for survival is your best strategy. The storyline sees the rise of the demonic Burning Legion whose sinister members are out to attack the mortals. You’ll be introduced to 4 races namely, the Undead, the Night Elves, the humans and the Orcs. Each of these factions even features its very own unique heroes which can be called upon when the need arises.

7 – Age of Mythology:

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Our final option lets you choose from 9 ancient civilizations. And once you’ve opted for your desired one, you can build wondrous structures and new settlements, stock up on resources and even build formidable armies. You’ll also be able to wage war against other empires in order to procure their land and treasures. You can create a strong army by constantly evolving your technologies.

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And since the Age of Mythology has been christened with a name that deals with myths and legends, you can summon powerful mythological creatures such as Minotaurs and Cyclopses as well as invoke the Gods for any assistance you may require.


Developed and published by Blue Byte Software, The Settlers jumped onto the scene nearly 2 decades ago. Thereon, the makers unleashed a whole slew of sequels like Heritage of Kings, Rise of an Empire and Paths to a Kingdom, among others. Also known as Serf City: Life is Feudal, the first iteration in the engaging series focused on a medieval settlement and came packed with a blend of different elements. It even featured cartoon graphics and bits of innocent humor.

Now all of the aforesaid games like The Settlers burst forth with fun real-time strategy attributes, something you might appreciate especially if you’re an ardent fan of the genre. So which ones have you decided to procure first? You can leave your mentions in the comment box situated just below.

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