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7 Games Like StarCraft

Games Like StarCraft

We have searched across the terrain for games like StarCraft and come up with a comprehensive list. Want to know what delicious treats we’ve gathered for you with respect to this title? Well, you’ll see acclaimed gems like Age of Empires, Warcraft III, and even a Command & Conquer game. We’ve also thrown into the amalgamation a title that’s fashioned especially for iOS-powered devices so that gamers on the go can also take advantage of the real-time strategy genre. Read on as we shed more light on our StarCraft alternatives.

1 – Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos:

Warcraft III: Reign Of Chaos

We know that it’s been about a decade since Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos released. But nonetheless, the game is still being played by fans all over the globe, and certainly worthy enough to be given a mention here. Survival is a matter of strategy in Reign of Chaos, according to publisher and developer Blizzard Entertainment.

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You can play as any one of the 4 mighty races namely, the undead, humans, night elves and orcs. Watch as cultures clash and alliances shift on the battlefield where conflict and might reign supreme. Form powerful hero units that have the ability to carry special items, learn spells and even advance in level as the game progresses.

2 – Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars:

Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars

Those on the lookout for a military science fiction real-time strategy game like the title in question can take a peek at Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. Emerging from the house of EA, the game hit the PC, Mac and Xbox 360 terrains back in 2007 and is noted to be a direct sequel to Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. This particular inclusion in our games similar to StarCraft boasts of offering more than 30 single-player missions, smooth gameplay, intuitive interface, live-action video sequences, and adaptive AI.

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You’ll also be able to employ new attack methods such as erecting flying battleships, combining units to form super-units and wielding the power of Ion Storms. Jump online to experience new multiplayer maps, game modes, and a full-featured content editor.

3 – Age of Empires Online:

Age Of Empires Online

The Age of Empires franchise is definitely no stranger to the gaming world. Since its first release in 1997, there have been more than half a dozen titles unveiled under its name. Age of Empires Online brings to life some of the world’s greatest civilizations which include the likes of the Egyptians, Celts, Greeks, and Persians.

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The maker has also infused a new social interaction, MMORPG and customization gameplay attributes into the game. You can craft and trade items, play competitively or cooperatively and even level up by successfully completing quests. It’s sprinkled with classic RTS elements that let you build mighty empires, earn rewards and fight your way to rich new worlds. What’s more, this installment in the acclaimed series is absolutely free of cost.

4 – Company of Heroes:

Command Of Heroes

Developed by Relic Entertainment and published by THQ, Company of Heroes is also a real-time strategy title that’s similar to many of the other StarCraft alternatives. It unleashed across the globe in 2006 and even has an MMO version that was released as a free-to-play title a couple of years ago. Coming back to CoH, the company claims to bring forth a visceral WWII gaming experience that enters complete with war-ravaged environments, heroic soldiers and dynamic battlefields.

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Other attributes include stunning visuals, advanced squad AI and cinematic single-player experience. You can tag along with some friends and take advantage of the 2-8 multiplayer competition via the internet or LAN.

5 – Universe at War: Earth Assault:

Universe At War Earth Assault

Like StarCraft, Universe at War: Earth Assault also strides onto the gaming terrain bearing a story that’s set against a science fiction background. You can expect to be bombarded with an epic storyline which takes place on near-future Earth as well as loads of customization options. The game allows you to seize control and command a plethora of unique groups that harbor spectacular units and great powers.

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You will be able to fight against the enemy across familiar modern-day environments. Dual-layered gameplay complete with a strategic global mode and tactical battles are also up for grabs here.

6 – Starfront: Collision:

Starfront Collision

As revealed earlier, our next entrant in our games similar to StarCraft is Starfront: Collision is fashioned for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. With this Gameloft gem, portable players will be able to acquire an RTS title right at their fingertips. The game hits the Apple App Store with a competitive 4-player multiplayer option and brilliant HD graphics.

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You’ll be transported to the planet of Sinistral where humans and the indigenous race of aliens known as the Myriad are at war over possession of the rare Xenodium crystals. There are 3 different factions to avail of namely, Wardens, the Consortium and Myriad. You can complete 20 missions and even craft a few of your own via the Skirmish mode.

7 – World in Conflict:

World in Conflict

The real-time tactical and strategy title World in Conflict was released in 2007 for the PC. The story sees a Soviet-led army springing a surprise attack on the US during WWIII. You’re called on to command your troops and fend off this dangerous threat on a destructible battlefield.

The single-player campaign is speckled with real-life suburbs, towns and cities that are scattered across America, USSR and Europe. You must foresee the activities of 4 different roles such as armor, support, infantry and air in the online team-based multiplayer section.


While fans of the series wait patiently for Heart of the Swarm, the upcoming sequel and expansion pack to StarCraft II, they can busy themselves by trying out a few of the aforementioned games like StarCraft. Dive right into the intricacies of the various RTS titles and let us know what you think about them. You can drop in your views into our comment box situated below.

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