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8 Games Like SmallWorlds

Various games like SmallWorlds have been cropping up over the internet over the past few years. We have narrowed that extensive list down to bring forth only the best games out there. These options are set to expand your social networking horizons and introduce you to a host of games and activities that you can indulge in at your leisure. What’s more, you can even make new friends and hang out with them on the virtual terrain. Eager to know more? Well, read on.

1 – Second Life:

Second Life

Second Life indeed proffers you a second lease on life, well at least in a virtual way. Here you can create unique avatars that include people, vampires, animals, robots and even vehicles. Once you zero in on your online look, you can enter into a 3D environment and interact with other players.

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You can further take part in individual as well as group activities and chat with new friends by employing either text or voice. Wear trendy threads and designer items that can be purchased from the in-game marketplace. Seek out and live a new adventure every day.

2 – Meez:


The social network service known as Meez makes its way into our games similar to SmallWorlds roster bringing along a host of exciting features. Looking for a place to kick back and relax? Simply choose a ‘hood’ like Chillville, Uptown, Arcadia, Outlandia or Hell’s Kitchen and chill out with other friendly souls. You can even flaunt your own fashion styles, create a pet for the company, play games and watch videos. The maker of Meez calls on all social butterflies to explore, chat, dance, and discover new surprises here. Don’t feel like sharing too much with unknown avatars around public hangouts? Well, you can create a personal 3D space and invite-only selected pals over.

3 – Gaia Online:

Gaia Online

Gaia Online invaded the scene nearly a decade ago and is still garnering a lot of attention, all thanks to its interesting gameplay features. When you sign up, you’ll be able to create a free avatar, furnish a virtual home and join interesting forums. Ever wanted to own your very own aquarium? Well, you can now create one via Gaia Online.

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Besides playing games like zOMG!, word puzzles and fishing, you’ll be able to discuss various topics such as anime, fantasy, fashion, politics and even life in general. And did we mention that the site also provides various avatar items and accessories for dazzling up your avatars?

4 – Habbo:


Previously known as Habbo Hotel, this entrant in our SmallWorlds alternatives array bursts forth with the tagline, ‘make friends, play games and express yourself.’ With imagination your only limitation, you can step into the shoes of just about anybody without even being bogged down with real-life restrictions. Teenagers can jump in and make loads of friends with other youngsters strewn all across the world. And although it’s a free-to-play gem, the website allows them to purchase Habbo Credits, the title’s official currency, which can be used to acquire virtual items.

5 – Kaneva:


At Kaneva, you can ‘discover the digital you.’ It’s packed to the hilt with interesting people, entertainment hot spots and cool hangouts. Looked upon as a fun-filled digital metropolis, the website enables you to decorate your 3D home, chat with individuals residing across the four corners of the globe and even dance the night away with your friends. Bring your pals, your favorite music and don’t forget your imagination, when you traverse through this virtual plain.

6 – Active Worlds:

Active Worlds

The 3D virtual reality platform dubbed Active Worlds lets you enjoy real-time interactive 3D content over the internet. Choose from a plethora of avatars, shop to your heart’s content, make new friends and play online games.

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Take advantage and claim your own piece of land which can be used to build a grand mansion or a huge castle. According to the developer, the in-game virtual universe called Alphaworld boasts of land space that’s larger than the state of California.

7 – There:


Christened simply as There, this 3D social world made its presence felt in 2003. It’s an amalgamation of fun online games and interesting chats that involve text or voice. You can be a people magnet by making new friends or even shop till you drop. Ride a fierce dragon, design your own fashion line or host a crazy theme party with all your friends. However, while some of the other games similar to SmallWorlds are absolutely free of cost, this particular delight offers a $10 per month membership fee.

8 – Moove Online:

Moove Online

The virtual 3D chat world Moove Online enables you to create unlimited 3D rooms complete with usable 3D furniture, mirrors, carpets and paper walls. You can fashion your own 3D avatars or ‘actors’ as the makers of Moove call them, via the unique Actor Studio option. Dress them up in the latest threads and even give them lifelike facial expressions and gestures. You can further interact with others by using your webcam or voice. What’s more, you’ll be able to become a member here without shelling out even a penny.


We’ve listed 8 great games like SmallWorlds that allow you to create snazzy avatars, interact with other players online, dabble in exciting games and even live a virtual life where you can make all your dreams come true. After gathering a few of your favorites, do share them with us by commenting on them in the box provided just below.