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6 Games Like Sims Online

Games like Sims Online allow you to accomplish what you most desire, well on the virtual plane of course. You can create your dream home, meet a dashing or beautiful companion and even start your own business. Couldn’t do all that in real life? Fret not for you can live through all these fantasies via any of the following games. What’s more, you’ll be able to meet tons of enthusiasts like yourself and maybe even make a few new friends along the way. Now there are plenty of options that boast of providing you with an ideal life but which ones are really the crème of the crop? Well, that’s where our comprehensive list comes in. Take a peek.

1 – Virtual Families:

Virtual Families

In Virtual Families, you’re called on to adopt and look after an entire family. You’ll have to make choices for them, encourage the lot and even find a perfect partner for their single members. Together they can also raise a bunch of kids and indulge in various leisure activities. You’ll have many opportunities to improve your lifestyle. And through praise or scolding, you’ll be able to shape their individual personalities.

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Look after the kin’s every need and even play doctor when the members are struck with diseases. Additionally, the developer has thrown in random events and mini-puzzles into amalgamation as well.

2 – Second Life:

Second Life

‘Your world, your imagination,’ reads the tagline that’s slapped onto the next entrant in our games similar to Sims Online roster. And rightly so, you’ll be able to take on a special avatar and create a universe in which you can accomplish just about anything. Interact with other individuals from around the world via their onscreen avatars. You can even explore museums, art exhibitions, galleries, and book clubs as well as attend concerts, lectures, and special screenings.

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What’s more, you’ll also have the opportunity to train interns and hold business meetings. The various scenarios featured here range from a cyberpunk future to a Victorian garden. And getting around these vast confines won’t pose a problem as you’ll be able to ride a flying carpet, a pirate ship or even a dinosaur.

3 – There:


According to the brains behind There, you’ll be able to call this interesting game your ‘everyday hangout’ where you can meet old pals and even make new friends. The 3D social world is packed with fun activities that’ll keep you engrossed for hours on end. Here’s a place where you can breathe life into your deepest desires like maybe riding a fierce dragon, creating your own fashion line or hosting a crazy theme party and inviting all your virtual buddies. You’ll also be able to earn Therebucks by creating and selling a slew of colorful objects. And the fun doesn’t just stop there. Go ahead and take a stroll with that special someone or shop around till you drop.

4 – Moove:


Step into a 3D virtual world taking on the guise of an animated 3D avatar called an ‘actor’. This particular inclusion in our Sims Online alternatives array comes complete with a unique Actor Studio option that lets you create your very own character. Moove also allows you to decorate 3D rooms with pieces of furniture, pictures, paper walls, mirrors, and carpets. You’ll even be able to interact with other models present in this web world by voice chats or by using your webcam. As the developer reveals, you’re invited to make new friends and maybe even find your soul mate. And when you do, you’ll be able to laugh, kiss, hug and even get virtually married.

5 – IMVU:


IMVU is just the place you want to be when you feel the urge to live your deepest fantasies. You’ll be able to create a 3D avatar of yourself and bring a bit of style and glamour to the virtual terrain. Along the way, you can meet new people, engage in conversations with other members and even have a ton of fun playing different activities.

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You’ll also find plenty of user-generated content and if you wish, you can even try your hand at making 2D stickers and 3D objects. During your stay here, you can wear the latest treads, join interesting groups and chat about anything you like.

6 – SocioTown:


Noted to be a 3D MMO game, this final contender in our games similar to Sims Online roundup has a ton of goodies awaiting all you social butterflies out there. SocioTown is infused with an intuitive interaction system through which you can meet and greet loads of new individuals. Furthermore, you’ll be able to climb the social ladder and even gather experience points to level up. You’ll have a house you can call your own and even choose from various job opportunities.

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Some of the activities you can indulge in here include fishing, bug catching, and missions. Lastly, you won’t need to download any sort of software as the title is entirely web-based.


Published by Electronic Arts, Sims Online graced the scenario more than a decade ago. It brought the famous franchise to the Internet terrain and allowed you to create a maximum of 3 characters. All the other figures that resided within this world were controlled by actual individuals strewn all across the globe. You could take up different jobs, keep a pet and build a house of your own. However, the engaging title shut down all activity in 2008.

Now if you’re looking for apt alternatives then you’ll surely find your replacement among our games like Sims Online lineup. And once you do, don’t forget to leave a comment or two in the space below.