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6 Games Like Second Life

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The following games like Second Life offer you an online sanctuary – places where you can live an alternate virtual existence. When you venture deep into their confines, you’ll get to create a unique avatar of yourself and even adorn the same with the latest threads and some funky accessories. You’ll also be able to meet and greet individuals plucked from different countries across the globe. And while you’re at it, you could even make a few new friends. The games we’ve gathered here also allot special areas just for you so you can put your own spin on the place.

1 – IMVU:

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When you venture into this virtual arena, you’ll be able to spot individuals from more than 90 different countries roaming around its confines. Here you can create snazzy 3D avatars and dress them up in the latest fashion trends that are currently doing their rounds out there. And once you’ve nicely settled in, you can chat with other members as well as try out a whole list of fun activities.

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There are plenty of online games to play as well. You’ll even be able to procure user-generated content as well as create 2D stickers and 3D products of your own. And last but not least, you can join different groups and chat about fun topics, current issues or your favorite hobby.

2 – There:

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This entrant in our games similar to Second Life roster jumps onto the scenario with the tagline, ‘your friends are here.’ Although it sports a simple title, the game There boasts of incorporating tons of exciting features. For one, you’ll be able to create a unique avatar and even chat with other individuals either through text or voice. There are loads of fun games you can indulge in with your new-found friends. You’ll even be able to take up crazy activities that were previously thought unthinkable such as riding a fierce dragon, and designing your very own fashion line. What’s more, you can earn in-game currency called Therebucks by selling your creations. This is also a great place to shop till you drop or take a stroll with your loved one even if real-life distance plays a spoilsport in your relationship. However, you’ll have to be prepared to shell out $10 each month if you wish to enjoy all these attributes.

3 – Active Worlds:

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Get ready to escape to a 3D virtual world that’s packed with tons of fun content. You can opt from a long line of trendy online avatars and even acquire your very own piece of land, well virtually of course. And as the name suggests, there’s never a dull moment here. You can shop for snazzy clothes, make new friends and even take part in different activities.

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And if the brains behind Active Worlds is to be believed, the in-game Alphaworld boasts of land space that’s larger than the State of California. Here too you can customize your avatar, pick out furniture for your personal online space and even play exciting 3D games.

4 – The Sims:

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Those who simply love to dabble in life simulations will definitely need no introduction to this inclusion in our Second Life alternatives array. However, if you’re new to this particular genre and simply loved Second Life, then we’re sure you’ll take an instant liking to this interesting game. The Sims franchise popped out with its first iteration over a decade ago and has managed to capture plenty of hearts ever since with its various iterations and expansion packs like World Adventures, Generations, Late Night and Pets.

Here you can take on the role of a criminal mastermind or even a scientific genius even if you possess opposite traits in reality. You are in charge of the in-game characters and decide whether they get to excel in life or burdened with troubles. Through these games, you can go ahead and explore the ancient ruins of Giza in Egypt or settle down with a loving spouse and a couple of kids.

5 – Smeet:

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This free browser-based 3D social game lets you create a dazzling avatar, meet interesting new people, decorate a 3D mansion and maybe even fall in love. You’re further called on to embark on new adventures and take care of your very own cuddly critter. Smeet even allows you to collect Fame Points and rise up to higher levels so that you can customize your very own 3D hangout spot with a plethora of interesting add-ons. What’s more, there are loads of casual games, browser-based titles, and fun Flash games embedded into this virtual treat. You can also converse with friends and maybe even flirt a little with new pals via the 3D chat feature.

6 – Kaneva:

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The developer invites you to ‘bring your imagination’ and step into this fun terrain. The final contender in our games similar to Second Life roundup lets you create an expansive virtual world or explore any of the other play areas created by the individuals present in the online community.

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And since this is your own digital space, you can accomplish just about anything your heart desires. This includes dancing the night away in the club or taking long walks on the virtual beach. You can also chat in real-time with other members of this game.


Second Life has been a refuge for many individuals out there, especially for those who want to live a different lifestyle. You might be an average college student, in reality, however, when you hop onto this virtual scene, you could take on the guise of a blood-sucking vampire, a robot, an animal, a vehicle or maybe even a fashionista. You are free to create your own unique lifestyle any way you want. Similarly, all of the aforesaid games like Second Life proffer all these attributes as well as exuberate with their individual aromas. So which ones would your virtual self prefer to party in?