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8 Games Like Risk

Our games like Risk list incorporates a bunch of titles that ooze with strategic bliss. They will definitely strike a chord with anyone who fancies a good mind boggler every now and then. And if you are indeed a board game enthusiast who simply loves to dive into gems like the one in question, then you’re bound to appreciate what we’ve rounded up for your right here. The mentions strewn across our array even involve a series of exciting maps, military supremacy and oodles of diplomatic fun.

Games Like Risk

1 – Axis & Allies:

Axis & Allies

This particular title will take you back in time, to the battlefield of World War II. Here you can control the economic and military destiny of any one among the most powerful countries namely, England, the US, Germany, Japan and The Soviet Union. You’ll have to tackle tactical and strategic situations that are thrown at the nation leaders and top generals.

As developer TimeGate Studios reveals, you get to opt from Allied or Axis campaigns and play online scenarios that are randomly dished out. The Windows-compatible title that’s published by Atari reached store shelves late 2004. And in case you’re wondering, A&A is also based on an RTS strategy board game.

2 – Rise of Nations:

Rise of Nations

The strategy title from developer Brian Reynolds released onto the scene nearly a decade ago. It’s noted to be an amalgamation of traditional turn-based strategy and real-time elements. You can conquer this title by either showing off your military might or by applying the art of diplomacy. This entrant in our games similar to Risk roster brings more than 6,000 years of history to the forefront.

You’ll even be able to form new cities and improve their infrastructures while expanding their national borders. And if you wish to exert military force, you’ll be provided with artillery such as cannons, tanks, slingers, musketeers and nuclear missiles. There’s even a fast-paced multiplayer mode and an in-depth Conquer the World campaign roped in here.

3 – Lux Delux:

Lux Delux

Universal domination is the call to arms here. You get to control your formidable army, conquer different countries and have a strategic hold on the globe. There are more than 800 maps thrown into the mix along with 11 various computer AI personalities that boast of ascending difficulties. What’s more, jumping right into the online multiplayer mode is just 2 clicks away.

You’ll also be able to create your own maps with the integrated Map Editor tool. And apart from being compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems, there’s even an iOS title that’s up for grabs absolutely free of cost. The aim here is simple, as per the maker – ‘take over the entire world.’

4 – Victor’s United:

Victor’s United

This title strides onto the scenario with the tagline, ‘challenge anyone, play anywhere, be victorious.’ The free-to-play beta version is great for anyone who wants to dabble in an online, turn-based strategy multiplayer arena. Irrespective of your geographical location, you can still explore this virtual platform and battle it out with other enthusiasts via the internet. And if you feel you need to tackle some AI individuals before facing human ones, the developer also incorporates a single-player mode for practice purposes. And similar to the earlier mention in our Risk alternatives collection, this one too proffers an iOS title which can be procured via iTunes without parting ways with a single penny.

5 – Hearts of Iron 2:

Hearts Of Iron 2

The brains behind this endeavor lets you step into the role of a ruler who has the ability to govern one of 175 countries through World War I and II. The title is packed with detailed diplomacy and production, movement-is-attack combat and mission-based air and naval systems.

You can exploit more than a dozen battle scenarios as well as historic ones like Operation Barbarossa and Case White. It even infuses co-operative multiplayer so that players can occupy the same country.

6 – Europa Universalis III:

Europa Universalis III

This engaging contender in our games similar to Risk lineup is sprinkled with various interesting ingredients such as exploration, warfare, trade and diplomacy. Here you’ll be posted as head of a nation plucked right out of more than 250 historically accurate countries. You are tasked with guiding your people through 300 years of prosperity as you expand your society to become a great global empire. And you won’t be alone in this endeavor as famous personalities from the history pages like René Descartes, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Sir Isaac Newton are all at your disposal. And besides proffering a customizable experience, the title even includes a co-operative multiplayer mode.

7 – Civilization IV:

Civilization IV

Right from the dawn of man to the Space age, you’ll be able to take your nation to great heights. Become a supreme leader and avail of the title’s many innovative features such as variable game scales, famous people and holy cities.

Developed by Firaxis and published by 2K Games, this particular iteration in Sid Meier’s Civilization series unleashed across the scene in 2005.

8 – Blood & Honor:

Blood & Honor

Yet another world domination title makes its presence felt on the portable platform. You can opt from 7 maps and take part in up to 6-player world domination gameplay. It also includes real-time online multiplayer and pass & play attributes.

There’s a trio of AI difficulties as well as automatic save/resume and beautifully illustrated maps fitted in right here. You can pick up this one from the Apple App Store for just under $2.


It’s not uncommon to hear about titles like Monopoly, Game of Life, Ludo and others being ported onto the virtual terrain. The names that intrigued many an individual over the past years can now be taken complete advantage of through the PC, consoles and even mobile devices. Similarly, the indoor gem like the one in the spotlight made it big on the virtual scene in 1988. Now if you’ve finished playing all the titles in the series, then go ahead and continue your strategy quest with the aforementioned games like Risk. Don’t forget to leave your comments on your favorite names in the box below.