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7 Games Like OurWorld

7 Games Like OurWorld

The different games like OurWorld which we’ve chalked out right here are tailored especially to suit the needs of kids while they surf online. The game allows children to jump into a whirlpool of virtual fun where they can play games and socialize with other youngsters situated halfway across the globe. However, OurWorld isn’t the only option out there that caters to these tots. There are a plethora of wonderful virtual world games strewn across the Internet and to make things a little easier, we’ve scoped out the scene and zeroed in on some great gems. Take a look.

1 – SecretBuilders


Aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 14, SecretBuilders is noted to be a vast virtual area that comprises of various fun things to do. Well, for one, visitors to this site can take part in quests, explore virtual lands, build their very own home, play interesting games and even adopt a cute little pet.

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According to the brains behind this portal, kids will be able to learn about various topics as they interact with historical figures like Mozart, Galileo, and Shakespeare as well as different world civilizations. What’s more, they can unleash their creativity by publishing their artistic talents, be it drawing, painting, writing or making videos. They can also invite loved ones to enjoy their masterpieces and even encourage them to maybe leave a positive comment or two.

2 – Fantage


One peek into this particular inclusion in our games similar to OurWorld array and you’ll surely become a fan. Fantage offers you a virtual world that’s customized for children to socialize, play and learn about different topics. They’ll be able to fashion their very own avatars and adorn the same with trendy hairstyles, clothing options, and special features. Once that’s done, they can then explore the virtual environment which hosts different quests and games that are based on geography, arts, math, logic, and language. Parents can expect a lot of delights that are dipped in similar sorts of topics as the developer reveals that Fantage focuses on, ‘entertaining as well as knowledge-building.’ The website is also infused with 3 communication options like Fantage chat, safe chat, and no chat.

3 – Club Penguin

Club Penguin

If you’ve taken a liking to the adorable characters from the house of Disney, then you’re bound to love Club Penguin as it’s the brainchild of the same publishers. Created for kids from 6 to 14 years, this website is known to be a safe haven for children to breathe life into their own cartoon penguin avatar. What’s more, they can even adopt a Puffle pet without having an allergy attack.

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And that’s not all they can accomplish here. Tiny tots can indulge in different activities like cooking, arts and crafts, and fun games. Furthermore, they’ll be able to attend special events, send greeting cards, make new friends and chat using emotes. And where there are penguins, you can bet your last penny that igloos and snow will ensue.

4 – Habbo


The next entrant in our OurWorld alternatives roster invades the terrain tagged with the line, ‘make friends, play games and express yourself.’ One glance at this slogan and you know just what you and your child are signing up for. Earlier christened as Habbo Hotel, this portal allows teenagers to shed any real-life inhibitions they might harbor and take on the role of whoever they choose. It’s free to play and even offers Habbo Credits which is the game’s official currency. And with some of these treats tucked into their kitty, they’ll be able to purchase virtual items for their online characters.

5 – Poptropica


Poptropica forayed across the scene in 2007 and has captured the fancy of both parents as well as children ever since. The website is littered with different Poptropica islands which can be explored by visitors after they create their very own Poptropican character. Each island has its own set of mysteries that will intrigue kids and keep them occupied for hours on end. Besides being baffled by these activities, they can also take part in head-to-head competitions with other players from across the globe, read digital comics and books, collect objects and even watch movies.

6 – WeeWorld


Don’t be fooled by the title given to the next contender in our games similar to OurWorld lineup. WeeWorld is anything but small or ‘wee’. It’s supposedly home to the WeeMees avatars of personalities such as Justin Timberlake, Willow, Snoop Dogg, and Taylor Swift, if the developer is to be believed. Here, tech-savvy youth can make new friends, design their own room, play games and chat with pals from all over the world. They’ll also be able to dive right into different topics that cover hobbies, fashion, and celebrities. And, it’s not always just fun and games here. WeeWorld also hosts activities like drug awareness programs and charitable campaigns.

7 – Gaia Online

Gaia Online

What can you expect when you punch Gaia Online in your address bar? Well, you’ll be bombarded with games galore and loads of other amazing attributes. Once you sign on the dotted line, you can create a free avatar complete with snazzy accessories, design your very own home and even put forth your opinions on the site’s forums.

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Some of the virtual world games that are included here read as word puzzles, zOMG! and fishing. Coming back to the forums we mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to give your views on topics like fashion, anime, politics, and fashion.


All of the aforementioned games like OurWorld are safe for children to simply let loose and have fun while maybe even learning a thing or two. Parents can leave their little tykes within the confines of these secure sites where they’ll have loads of games to play with, new friends to make and fantastic things to discover. So which websites would you as a parent, like to introduce you to your little angel? And if you’re a tween or a teenager, do let us know your favorites from among the lot.