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7 Games Like Myst

The main ingredients thrown into our 7 games like Myst concoction are puzzles, adventure and stunning graphics. The game in question, which graced the scenario nearly 2 decades ago, heralded in a new sub-genre of sorts. Lately, these types of games seem to be slowly fading away. But fear not, we’ve taken the liberty to jot down all the noteworthy alternatives that are presently scattered out there. Fans of the Myst series will be able to take complete advantage of the titles on various consoles and gadgets.

1 – Machinarium:


From the creator of Botanicula and Samorost comes a point and click adventure game dubbed simply as Machinarium. The Czech independent studio Amanita Design splashed the title across a plethora of platforms such as the PC and PS3 as well as the iPad 2 and Android-powered devices. Travel to a steampunk world where you’ll be tasked with helping a smart little robot named Josef as he journeys to the city to save his girlfriend.

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Along the way, you can solve puzzles and brain teasers as well as indulge in mini-games and loads of exciting quests. 2D hand-drawn graphics and animations await those who dabble in Machinarium. Furthermore, the plot is conveyed across with the help of symbols and unique comic bubbles.

2 – The Lost City:

The Lost City

Taking inspiration from a classic point and click adventure titles is the next inclusion in our games similar to Myst list. The Lost City is fashioned for iOS- and Android-powered devices and tells the tale of an ancient civilization that could control the seasons. The game is drenched in beautiful graphics, an interesting adventure, sizzling sound effects, and an original soundtrack.

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By using a map, you can stride upon a path that’s filled with puzzles to solve and items to collect. There’s even a complete walk-through as well as a hint guide fitted right within the game itself. Embark on a spirited adventure anywhere, anytime. All you have to do is part ways with just a dollar.

3 – The Secret of Grisly Manor:

The Secret of Grisly Manor

As the name suggests, The Secret of Grisly Manor lets portable gamers investigate a mysterious old mansion. As you go in search of grandpa, you’ll find that he’s nowhere in sight but you’ll surely be able to feel his presence around you. This family-friendly adventure features plenty of puzzles and lots of clues strewn across the ancient structure.

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Stunning graphics and eerie sound effects further complement the game that’s created especially for the iPhone, iPad and Android gadgets. Find out what wondrous secrets are concealed within the walls of this mysterious house. You can pick up The Secret of Grisly Manor absolutely free of cost from iTunes and Google Play.

4 – The Longest Journey:

The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey offers an interesting graphical adventure where PC players can step into the shoes of the game’s protagonist, April Ryan as she travels between parallel universes. During your escapades, you’ll be able to explore fantastic places, meet new people, solve puzzles and even come face to face with terrifying creatures. The maker infuses more than 40 hours of gameplay, 70 speaking characters and over 150 locations across 2 detailed worlds. Along with these attributes, you’ll also find a cinematic musical score and more than 20 minutes of pre-rendered video footage. However, when compared to some of the other Myst alternatives, this particular gem is crafted only for the PC and can be picked up via Steam for just under $10.

5 – Gray Matter:

Gray Matter

Here’s a game that mixes the stuff nightmares are made of with the daunting supernatural. We’re talking about the PC and Xbox 360 game christened Gray Matter. It’s a title that’s penned by the likes of legendary game author Jane Jensen. Players can take control of the student and part-time street performer Samantha Everett as well as Neurobiologist Dr. David Styles who lost his wife in a horrible accident. Dive deep into the mysteries surrounding Dread Hill House while uncovering deadly secrets and horrible truths. Prepare to travel to the English town of Oxford, a place known for its colleges and medieval aura.

6 – Amnesia: The Dark Descent:

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Are you a sucker for suspense? Do you hunger for horror? Well, you’re in luck as our games similar to Myst roster includes another terror-packed title. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is noted to be a first-person survival horror that will definitely send chills down your spine. Live through the nightmare, stumble upon narrow corridors and make your way around a desolate castle.

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In this game, you take on the role of Daniel as he struggles to remember his past. You’ll be haunted by danger not only from the outside but from within as well. So we caution you to watch out for fear-feeding moments and scenarios that lie at every nook and cranny.

7 – realMyst:


realMyst puts a new spin on the original game by adding a whole lot of spice while retaining a familiar gameplay experience. Wondering what’s different this time around? Well firstly, the developer proffers the game in complete 3D. This means you can expect to perceive lifelike environments and sounds directly via your iOS device.

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It retains all the original Myst Ages while even adding a bonus Rime Age. You’ll be transported to a surreal universe that’s embedded with loads of realistic elements as well as tricky puzzles, text and video clips. Other attributes include simple and advanced navigation, dynamic backdrops, haunting Myst music score, a Bookmark feature and even a realMyst hint guide. iPad 2 and the new iPad owners can download the game for only $6.99 from the Apple App Store.


The 7 games like Myst all incorporate an amalgamation of adventure, puzzles, and not to forget loads of point and click fun. Do give these titles a try and return with your feedback on the same. And if you have a few mentions of your own, don’t hesitate to type them out in the comment box below.


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