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7 Games Like My Candy Love

Games Like My Candy Love

Games like My Candy Love seem to be gaining popularity especially among girls in their early teens. These games basically allow a young woman to flirt with the in-game characters and indulge in a storyline that surrounds love, romance and of course, boys. My Candy Love lets you conquer the hearts of guys and create your own unique plot. The addition of several endings according to the choices you make also adds to the replayability of the online title. So get ready to bat those virtual eyelashes and turn on the charm as you scan through our 7 otome game picks we have lined up for you.

1 – Princess Debut:

Princess Debut

Our first pick of the lot is a Nintendo DS title christened Princess Debut. This rhythm and adventure otome game is developed by Cave and published by Natsume. As you might have guessed from the name itself, you take on the role of a princess who must do her best to court one of the 6 handsome princes. You have only 30 days to prepare for the grand ball where you’ll then have to dance with your prince charming.

There are 4 gameplay modes namely, Ballroom, Movie, Story, and Practice. Look your best on the dance floor by availing of various outfits and accessories. Whether its tango or ballroom, you can choose your favorite dance style as well as 18 different kinds of music. The game further infuses 14 unique endings and loads of paths to tread on.

2 – The Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook:

Winter In Fairbrook

The Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook is looked upon as a dating and farming simulation title. Players step into the shoes of Natalie who takes up a job in a flower shop that’s located in the town of Fairbrook. If you find this game familiar, well that’s probably because it follows close on the heels of the first Flower Shop game called Summer In Fairbrook.

And you’ll also get to meet memorable characters from the premier title like Steve, Jacob, Susana, Trent, Clara and even a new entry, Ryan. With the help of the weekly scheduler, you can plan out your weeks and assign some time off for hanging out with the ones you love. Will Natalie find true love in Fairbrook? Find out by playing this engaging entrant in our games similar to My Candy Love roster. It’s available across the PC, Mac and Android-powered devices.

3 – Top Girl:

Top Girl

Have you always wanted to take the fashion world by storm and rule the ramp? Well, you can now make all your dreams come true in Top Girl. According to the developer, girls can take up modeling gigs, go clubbing, date handsome guys, and shop around for the latest trends in the market. While rendezvousing with your special someone, you can even buy him gifts and capture those precious moments spent together on camera. As far as fashion is concerned, there are more than 600 unique purses, shoes, clothes and accessories at your disposal. Flirt with over 250 dashing men and attend more than 20 fabulous clubs and parties while on the go as Top Girl is compatible with both iOS as well as Android-powered gadgets.

4 – Always Remember Me:

Always Remember Me

The next inclusion in our My Candy Love alternatives list is a life simulation title that’s sprinkled with dating sim elements. In Always Remember Me, you’re called on to shape Amy’s destiny by conducting various life-altering decisions. She becomes desperate when her boyfriend Aaron Cowen fails to recognize her after a car accident. Amy must now choose whether she must stay with Aaron as a friend and help him remember or move on and fall in love with another in-game character. You can take advantage of 9 different endings and even find out who your secret admirer that keeps sending you emails really is. The game forays across the PC and Android complete with a stunning soundtrack and beautiful manga artwork.

5 – Star Project:

Star Project

The dating sim/managing game Star Project Online puts you in the spotlight as head of a star management company that was once a famous name until a car accident killed the owner and his wife. Taking on the role of their daughter, you see potential in a young country singer and team up with him to start Star Project. You must help him put on a good show and improve his mannerisms as well as manage his agenda and part-time jobs. And of course, aid him in picking the right outfits for his tours. During the course of the game, falling in love with your star and living a pure romance are also on the cards.

6 – Spirited Heart:

Spirited Heart

Similar to all the other games similar to My Candy Love, Spirited Heart is also a life simulation title but with a fantasy twist. Your alter ego in the game can be any one of the trio namely, a human, a demon or an elf. Available for the PC, Mac, and Android, this gem offers you 20 different jobs and 6 potential suitors, each with their own unique characteristics.

Within the span of 10 in-game years each, you’ll be faced with 20 normal endings and a dozen special marriage conclusions. This means you can expect to be bombarded with loads of replayability and hours of gameplay. So which race would you opt for?

7 – Pirates in Love:

Pirates In Love

What could be more romantic than to sail across the seven seas onboard a ship full of handsome pirates? Well, you’ll be able to experience the thrill of being the only woman on the ship Sirius, which is home to 6 dashing sea bandits. Pirates in Love features the likes of confident fencer Russell, mild-mannered doctor Christopher, sadistic mate Eduardo and unfriendly chef Nathan.

And as you might have already guessed, there are various endings depending on the choices you make during the course of your escapades. While the prologue is absolutely free of cost, the main story which comprises 16 episodes can be acquired for just under $4. It’s currently available across the Apple App Store and Google Play.


The aforementioned otome games offer a variety of scenarios and not to forget, loads of spice, romance, love, flirting and dating. While some can be played online, other titles are offered across the portable platform. So which among the games like My Candy Love caught your fancy? Let us know all about your adventures by dropping a few lines into the box below.