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6 Games Like Moshi Monsters

The games like Moshi Monsters strewn across here allow you to adopt an adorable virtual critter. Each of the games listed below proffers a wide range of cute creatures that you can call your own. What’s more, these aren’t the kind that stares at you from the pet store window. No, you won’t find your average puppy dog, bunny rabbit or hamster featured in the online stalls here. What you do bargain for, however, are beings that fall under the category of the cute beastly sort. You can look after them, groom them and even give the animated animals a unique name. So go ahead and try them out.

1 – NeoPets:


This virtual pet website hit the scene more than a decade ago and has since managed to capture the fancy of many critter lovers situated all across the globe. In order to take advantage of what NeoPets has to offer, you’ll have to sign in and create a free account. Once you’re done with that procedure, you’ll be able to fashion your very own cute pet and even purchase medicine, toys, food, and clothes for it by spending the in-game currency.

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You can get your hands on some of this cash by indulging in different activities and games or buying some with real-world money. Explore various exotic places like Krawk Island, Kreludor, Faerieland, and Haunted Woods. And although it’s free to sign-up, there are premium membership plans that read as $8, $25 and $70 for a month, 4 months and 1 year, respectively.

2 – Marapets:


Besides just being a free and fun virtual pet website, this entrant in our games similar to Moshi Monsters roster also lets you exploit dress up and doll making activities. There are 21 places packed into Marapets, all of which proffer millions of adorable creatures who are simply waiting to be discovered and adopted. According to the developer, you can own up to a dozen critters and take part in a plethora of activities in order to earn money. You’re also responsible for the upkeep of your pet. So make sure your little tyke is feed, cared for and even given medical attention when unwell. Some of the places you can explore include a battle arena, gym, job center, school, hospital, hotel, and Gate of the Graveyard.

3 – Subeta:


Subeta lets you not only adopt a pet but also dress up human avatars by opting from a whole slew of clothes. You can also make a ton of friends through the site’s forums. When you sign in, you get to pick up a critter of your choice and even acquire a starter kit that’s packed with cool items. There are more than 60 species of creatures just waiting to be cuddled. You can further earn sP currency to feed your buddy as well as get hold of some trendy threads for yourself. The engaging games included here fall under different categories like arcade, chance, mind, collection and miscellaneous. There are different types of virtual stores as well, such as candy shack, seedlings, accessory bin, the bakeshop, magic box, grooming parlor, clothing rack, beanbag shop, and food market.

4 – Creature Breeder:

Creature Breeder

‘Breed your own virtual pets,’ is the tagline attached to this inclusion in our Moshi Monsters alternatives array. The multiplayer game enables you to take controller over farms and deal with trading, buying and selling of virtual critters. Creature Breeder even lets you decorate your online plot with plants, toys and other sorts of adornments.

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You can further dabble in some critter exchange by utilizing virtual money that can be earned within the portal confines. You’ll also be able to post comments on the farms of other members.

5 – Power Pets:

Power Pets

Power Pets is packed to the hilt with flash games, dress-up activities and interactive multiplayer gems that you and your friends can exploit right here. And while keeping the audience enthralled with fun elements, the portal also puts an educational spin on things by creating awareness about abused and abandoned animals. You can earn Powerbucks, travel to different lands, accept online challenges and participate in quests. You’ll further be able to buy land, erect a house and play dress up with your online avatar. Go for glory by competing with other members and earning trophies, badges and achievement acknowledge. And of course, similar to the other games similar to Moshi Monsters, this one too allows you to adopt a pet, care for it and maybe even teach it a few tricks. The brains behind this endeavor provide you with a list of more than 80 pets to choose from.

6 – Club Penguin:

Club Penguin

Our final contender lets you take on the guise of a penguin which can be decorated with snazzy clothes and accessories. You’ll also be able to extend a helping hand and adopt cute critters called Puffles. They come in a variety of colors and personalities, so go get them all.

There’s other stuff to do here as well, such as arts and crafts, recipes, outdoor activities, comics, and coloring pages. The Club Penguin maker has even thrown in an intuitive safe chat option where you can interact with others by using only suggested phrases.


By availing of the games like Moshi Monsters, you’ll be able to boast about just how unique your creature collection is. So instead of taking Fido for a walk, you can jump right onto the internet, access any of these aforesaid delights and have fun with your personal pet online. You’ll be able to earn in-game currency with which you can purchase interesting virtual items like furniture, food, toys and other sorts of treats for your beloved pet. You may even make a few friends along the way. So dive right in and let us know what you think about our lineup.