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7 Games Like Monster Hunter

Games Like Monster Hunter

The following games like Monster Hunter will have you battling some pretty powerful creatures. So if you think you’re up for the challenge, then you surely won’t be left disappointed on that front. Now while most of the games featured here are currently available, there are a couple that is set to be released early this year. Nonetheless, they should all provide tons of action, adventure and RPG fun. And of course, taking down gigantic beings with some deadly weapons are all part of the deal. So crack those knuckles and prepare to dive into all the names listed out here.

1 – Soul Sacrifice:

Soul Sacrifice

This action RPG game published by Sony Computer Entertainment is expected to grace the terrain on April 30 for the PS Vita. Fashioned for the portable PlayStation console, Soul Sacrifice is ready to capture hearts and thumbs with its various engaging attributes. Some of these features include co-operative multiplayer, frantic real-time combat and meaningful character customization. What’s more, fans of this genre can expect to be doused in brilliance as names like Yasunori Mitsuda, Wataru Hokoyama and Keiji Inafune have all lent their talents to the endeavor. Here you get to step into the shoes of a sorcerer and decide whether you want to sacrifice or save a monster’s soul.

2 – Dragon’s Dogma:

Dragon’s Dogma

Here’s another title in our games similar to Monster Hunter array that sports the action RPG tag. The storyline employed here is set across an open world fantasy setting and even infuses survival horror and hack and slash elements into its amalgamation. You can opt from different factions like a sorcerer, assassin, fighter, mystic knight, warrior, archer, and ranger.

And if it’s been roped in here, then you can be sure that Dragon’s Dogma will surprise you with oodles of hideous creatures like zombies, hydras, goblins, golems and of course, dragons. You can acquire the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the offering.

3 – Gods Eater Burst:

Gods Eater Burst

Developed by Shift, this PSP game is noted to be a fast-paced survival action game. You’re called upon to fight against legions of hostile gods known only as Aragami. Aiding you in the quest is a powerful weapon called the God Arc. In the heat of battle, it has the ability to take on the form of a gun, sword and predator for absorbing the Aragami’s powers.

You can even take complete advantage of the character customization elements laid here. Adding to all these features is an interesting storyline that can be played either in single-player mode or along with 4 pals in co-op mode. And if you liked this particular game, get set for round 2 with God Eater 2. Will you and your friends be able to stop the menace and save humanity?

4 – Lord of Arcana:

Lord of Arcana

Our games similar to Monster Hunter array has plenty of delectable games in store for all you players who prefer to engage in combat with beasts while on the go. Well, the portable fun continues with the mention of this particular inclusion. Lord of Arcana takes you to the murky depths of the underworld where you’ll come face to face with hideous creatures. Your only hope for survival is to perform brutal moves by employing customizable unique weapons and armor. You can even team up with friends via the 4-player Ad-hoc mode.

5 – RaiderZ:


Now unlike a few of the others in the list, our fifth interesting game is of the free-to-play MMO sort. Here you’ll be transported to the kingdom of Rendel where beasts of all kinds have been awakened from their long slumber only to cause havoc and destruction across the land. It’s now up to a team of champions to rid the terrain of the menace.

You can wield fantastic armor and weapons, and even add your prey’s horns, claws and other deadly body parts to your arsenal for that extra punch. Avoid being crushed, flung and eaten alive by the hideous creatures. You can take on the role of the Defender, Berserker, Sorcerer or Cleric.

6 – Ragnarok Odyssey:

Ragnarok Odyssey

The real-time action RPG hack and slash game is created for the PS Vita and lets you engage in some ravaging combos and deadly blows. You can even swap your health points for boosts in agility and speed when the need arises. Fans will recognize that it’s based on the universe of the MMORPG title called Ragnarok Online. There are half a dozen jobs available here, each with its own method of combat and role while in multiplayer mode. These 6 classes read as Sword Warrior, Hammersmith, Assassin, Mage, Cleric and Hunter. And similar to a few of the other Monster Hunter alternatives, this one too is available for the portable console, the PS Vita.

7 – Phantasy Star Online 2:

Phantasy Star Online 2

The said forthcoming free-to-play multiplayer online RPG from the house of Sega is scheduled to be released sometime soon. The maker has infused this game with an immersive sci-fi fantasy narrative as well as plenty of wonderful worlds that are all shrouded in mystery. Join forces with fellow adventurers and go up against the various legions of darkness.

You can even dabble in real-time combat and take complete advantage of third-person shooting elements. Create a unique character by stepping into the shoes of anyone among the 3 races namely, humans, Newmans and robotic Cast.


What did you like about Monster Hunter? Was it the fantasy setting, the beast slaying or RPG elements? Well, whatever it was, we’re sure you’ll find that all of the aforementioned games like Monster Hunter will have some familiar features that should keep you engaged for hours on end. But before you get down to slaughtering the fantastic yet deadly creatures and demons, we urge you to leave your comments about your favorite ones in the space below.