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8 Games Like Meez

Games Like Meez

The exciting games like Meez listed here allow social butterflies to escape into a fun virtual environment. Meez simply screams out free games, avatars, and online worlds. Well, if you’re looking for alternate sites that offer you similar engaging attributes then you’ve jumped onto the right space. We’ve scanned the internet and gathered a bunch of 8 great gems that fit the bill. There are many clones out there; however, these websites come closest to what you might be looking for.

1 – Habbo:


This particular website strides across the scenario bearing the tagline, ‘make friends, play games and express yourself.’ You’re called on to create your very own ‘Habbo’ avatar and explore a virtual hotel environment that’s complete with Guest and Public rooms. You can further adorn your surroundings with trendy décor items and furniture. Here you’ll even be able to adopt a furry critter. What’s more, you don’t need to shell out big bucks for this title. However, if you wish to procure premium items and club subscriptions online, you’ll have to part ways with a small fee.

2 – Second Life:

Second Life

Here’s a second chance at living your life just the way you willed it instead of fate. You’ll see lush 3D environments as well as meet and greet like-minded players who are also looking to live out their dreams on the virtual plane. You can further engage in engrossing chats with them through text or voice.

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Your imagination is the only limitation. You’ll be able to flaunt the latest fashion trends as well as pick up designer items from the marketplace or create some innovative ones of your own.

3 – Popmundo:


While still on the topic of living out your dreams, this next entrant in our games similar to Meez roster enables you to rise to fame as a rock star or any other bigwig in the world of business, politics, medicine or even crime. Placed under the online RPG and community genre, this delight lets you start right at the bottom, guised as a nobody.

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You must then make your way to the top by fueling your ambitions. Wish to stay away from the paparazzi or spotlight? Well, you can also choose to live a simple life by settling down with your better half and even having little tykes of your own, all virtually of course.

4 – Gaia Online:

Gaia Online

Here you can create your very own online avatar and adorn him or her with snazzy accessories, weapons, hairdos, and pets. You can even take care of an aquarium and be a proud owner of your own home. There are also tons of games available across this platform, some of which read as zOMG!, racing, word puzzles, pinball, and fishing.

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Have something to say about topics like comics, fashion, politics or fantasy? Simply speak your mind through the site’s forums where other members can also take part in the conversation.

5 – WeeWorld:


When you dive right into this interesting inclusion in our Meez alternatives array, your WeeMee will be able to rub virtual shoulders with avatars of the rich and famous, according to the brains behind this endeavor. Some of the names that are believed to enjoy alternate lives here include Taylor Swift, Willow, Justin Timberlake, and Snoop Dogg. What’s more, teenagers can even design their very own room, play engaging games, make new pals and even chat with individuals from all over the globe. And besides having a heap of fun here, youth can also take an active part in activities like charitable campaigns and drug awareness programs.

6 – Zwinky:


Jump into a virtual universe of Zwinky, create your own identity and roam freely across the confines of this website. You can even get your hands on some interesting pieces of clothing and furniture by earning Zchievements and ZBucks. Want to spend some alone time with close pals? Well, you’ll be able to hang out in private rooms where the hot topics and juicy gossip stay within the online confines. And if you wish to earn more ZBucks, all you have to do is play the various games laid out for you right here.

7 – There:


Dubbed simply as ‘There’, this contender in our games similar to Meez roundup offers anything but the ordinary. Looked upon as a 3D social world, the website entices you with fun online games as well as the ability to live out your innermost fantasies. This means you can design your own fashion line, ride a fierce dragon or even throw a crazy theme party for friends. Create snazzy objects and sell them for Therebucks, the website’s currency. You can further shop till you drop or stroll hand-in-hand with that someone special even if you’ll are in different continents.

8 – IMVU:


Sprinkled with glamour and glitz, the online social entertainment spot lets you create 3D avatars of yourself, meet new individuals, play captivating games and chat with other members. Aimed at the teen niche, the website is packed to the hilt with virtual goods which are mostly created by the users themselves.

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Similarly, you can also unleash your creative spark by making 2D stickers and 3D products as well as endow online rooms with your personal touch. Join groups and discuss different hot topics right here.


If you’ve already stepped into a funky avatar and explored terrains such as Uptown, Chillville, Dockyards, Posh Heights, Arcadia, Burbia, Outlandia, and Hell’s Kitchen, then why not try indulging in some new games like Meez? You’ll be able to create online guises, earn in-game currency, play some engaging titles, make new friends and even embark on new adventures. With such a plethora of options at your fingertips, you’ll be glued to your PC screen for hours on end. We encourage you to try each one of the aforementioned names and leave your favorites in the space allotted just below.