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10 Games Like Mario

Games Like Mario

Are you scanning the terrain for games like Mario? Well, we’ve heard your plea and brought forth a list of the best games that incorporate similar gameplay elements and familiar genres such as platforming and adventure. The delights etched below will certainly tug at the heartstrings of any fan looking for options that shine with hints of Mario madness.

1 – Giana Sisters:

Giana Sisters

Giana Sisters probably fills that void created by the absence of official Mario games on iTunes. The game is a blast from the past as it brings back that beloved 80’s charm we all know and love.

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Those in favor of the classics can avail of 32 retro levels as well as try their hand at 80 new ones. Claiming to leave a few retro enthusiasts teary-eyed, this iPhone, iPod touch and iPad game also incorporate 2 controls namely, touch and classic.

2 – Kirby’s Adventure Wii:

Kirby’s Adventure Wii

If it’s console action you’re searching for, then take a peek at Kirby’s Adventure Wii. As the name suggests, the game is compatible with the Nintendo Wii system and follows the escapades of Kirby. And in order to take part in all the action rolling onscreen, you’ll have to hold your Wii Remote sideways.

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This side-scrolling platform game lets you copy your foe’s abilities after they’ve been eaten by the adorable pink critter. What’s more, up to 4 players can dive in together and experience an exhilarating adventure.

3 – Ricky + Level Editor:

Ricky + Level Editor

Have you ever wanted to fashion your own old-school Mario levels by placing green tunnels, bricked steps, and deep ditches at strategic points across the Mushroom Kingdom? Well, now you can now do just that in Ricky + Level Editor.

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This entrant in our games similar to Mario roster enables you to create new levels and even share them with others via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or the internet. Furthermore, it can be employed directly from your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

4 – Donkey Kong Country Returns:

Donkey Kong Country Returns

In Donkey Kong Country Returns, you’ll be able to jump in with a primate pal and play side-by-side as Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. The Wii side-scrolling adventure game features levels that are filled with volcanoes, beaches, caves, and jungles. If you’ve been a fan of this retro, apish fun, you’ll surely be quick to spot popular attributes plucked right out of the series like mine cart riding and barrel cannons. Diddy Kong can further employ the use of Peanut Popgun and Barrel Jet. Prepare yourself to walk on the wild side as you jump, swing and smash your way through the exciting levels.

5 – Jett Rocket:

Jett Rocket

No, we aren’t talking about NASA’s new launch experiment. Jett Rocket is a WiiWare game that transports you to the planet of Yoroppa which has come under attack by the evil ‘Power Plant Posse.’ This 3D action-adventure game allows you to cover the vast expanses of the ocean, speed across arctic regions and jump off high cliffs.

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As you travel through the different levels, you’ll find that they are packed to the hilt with numerous dangers and even boss battles that present themselves at the end of each world.

6 – Castle of Magic:

Castle of Magic

After revealing Ricky + Level Editor, we now introduce another iDevice entrant into our Mario alternatives array. Castle of Magic is noted to be a platformer that’s spread across 5 beautifully-rendered 3D environments. You can take the form of 6 different in-game characters, each with its own unique powers.

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Get ready to face half a dozen bosses as well as other fierce enemies like an octopus, snowman, giant snake and spaceship. And when you want to unleash your superpowers, all you have to do is give your gadget a little jiggle.

7 – SuperTux:


Wondering what’s SuperTux? Well, it’s a classic 2D jump and run side-scroller game that’s been inspired by early Super Mario installments. This particular inclusion sees the hero Tux, sliding through 26 playable levels. He will also have to put on a brave face as he encounters 9 types of enemies strewn along his path.

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According to the maker, SuperTux is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux systems, among many others. Foot-tapping music and eye-catching graphics are also infused into the whole amalgamation.

8 – Soosiz HD:

Soosiz HD

Defy gravity and traverse through new environments in Soosiz HD. Fashioned for the iPad, the game splashes smooth animations and stunning cartoon graphics onto the gadget’s large touchscreen. There are 7 beautiful worlds that comprise of 66 challenging levels.

You can even engage in 7 epic boss battles and discover unique secrets along the way. Furthermore, simple controls and an intuitive interface make this one an absolute must-have if you own an Apple tablet.

9 – Secret Maryo Chronicles:

Secret Maryo Chronicles

The open-source 2D platform game known as Secret Maryo Chronicles is next to grace our games similar to Mario lineup. It bears striking similarities to the classic Mario games in a number of ways.

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Besides using the same gameplay elements, it also includes brown bricks, green pipes, polka-dotted mushrooms and clouds sporting cute faces. Any Mario fan will definitely feel right at home here.

10 – Banjo-Kazooie:


Although Banjo-Kazooie was unleashed for the Nintendo 64 game console, it was re-released for the Xbox 360 via the XBLA just a few years back. It does resemble a few of the older Mario games, even though it concentrates more on exploration than platforming. Follow Banjo and Kazooie as they set out on a journey to foil the evil plans of Gruntilda. This iteration retains the legendary Stop n Swop feature and even introduces online leaderboards.


If you thought the pudgy plumber was the only one who offered platforming fun, goody collecting, and punching enemies, well our aforementioned games like Mario will definitely get you thinking otherwise. So which titles caught your fancy? Do you know of any more that might fit the bill here?