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8 Games Like Learn To Fly

Games Like Learn To Fly

The following games like Learn To Fly are all packed with fun aerial adventures. They allow you to soar into the air and calculate just how far you skyrocketed across the heavens. Eventually, you’ll have to plummet back to earth but don’t worry as the speed, maneuvering, and distance is all that matters here. What’s more, you’ll also be rewarded handsomely for your flight efforts. The perks that are endowed upon you in the form of coins and upgrades can be used to purchase upgrades and other wonderful items from the in-game stores. So what are you waiting for? Put on your helmet, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to reach new heights.

1 – Shopping Cart Hero:

Shopping Cart Hero

After playing Shopping Cart Hero, you’ll no longer view your average cart in the same light the next time you hit your local grocery store. In this title, the steel carrier turns into a flying vehicle in which you can jump into and soar through the air. Your aim here is to fly across the sky and land safely on the ground without sustaining any injuries.

In-game currency and high scores will be based on factors like your height, distance, style, and tricks. Now, what can you purchase with the money? Well, there are double rockets and racing wheels to be had, along with other surprises.

2 – Potty Racers:

Potty Racers

The weird vehicle madness doesn’t just stop there. After mentioning a game that had you riding in a shopping cart, we now move on to another interesting title where you get to slide your way to fame atop a Portaloo. Zoom across hills and urban streets sitting on a portable toilet in Potty Racers. What’s more, you’ll be able to get your hands on some ‘poopy’ upgrades like monster tires, airfoils and jet packs with the credits you earn throughout the game.

Think you’ve mastered the art of using the P-Pot? Well, try the ‘hard’ setting and then see how you fare. And if you’re away from your PC, you can still avail of all the potty fun through the respective iPhone, iPod touch and iPad apps.

3 – Toss the Turtle:

Toss The Turtle

Packed with retro graphics that seem to be plucked right out of a 16-bit game, Toss the Turtle is another interesting title that will have you glued to your PC screen for hours on end. Just as the name aptly suggests, this entrant in our games similar to Learn To Fly roster lets you hurl a lovable amphibian into the sky with the help of a canon, bombs and jet packs.

The further the turtle goes, the more money you earn. This enables you to buy better weaponry which in turn, will get you further away as possible the next time you try to conquer the vast skies.

4 – Flight Game:

Flight Game

Do you love making paper planes and watching them skyrocket high into the air, gliding with the wind? Well, now you can do just that, but on a virtual plane. Breathing life into your online origami object is a title called Flight Game. The goal here is to fly your paper plane across the globe with the help of upgrades and skills like aerodynamic, rudder control, throwing power, hurricane, crane duration, and rainbow stars. All these attributes can be acquired by shelling out the in-game currency which piles up as the title progresses.

5 – Fly Squirrel Fly 2:

Fly Squirrel Fly 2

In Fly Squirrel Fly 2, you’ll have to shoot a fuzzy squirrel from a slingshot and keep him airborne for as long as possible. Watch the little critter crash into cavemen and landmines, among other obstacles, which should help keep him in ‘high spirits’. Does that sound fun? Well, there’s only one way to find out – play Fly Squirrel Fly 2.

6 – Hedgehog Launch:

Hedgehog Launch

It appears that cute animals are most often the preferred subjects in our Learn To Fly alternatives lineup. We’ve had penguins, squirrels, turtles and now hedgehogs all gearing up for their flying escapades. Hedgehog Launch boldly sends the protagonist where no hedgehog has gone before – into the vast confines of space and beyond.

Keep him swirling through the air by making him bounce off platforms strewn across his path. Earn money and buy upgrades to aid the furry creature in his flying quest.

7 – Rocket Toilet 2:

Rocket Toilet 2

Game developers somehow manage to find alternate ways of using the loo. The poopy antics don’t just stop at Potty Racers. This sort of fun continues to shine in Rocket Toilet 2, too. You get to launch a prehistoric toilet into the air, hurling your constipated caveman to new heights and eras.

What’s more, you can boost the potty by tapping it with the cursor, making a ‘flushing’ advancement.

8 – Crazy Penguin Catapult:

Crazy Penguin Catapult

If you’re looking for more penguin fun, you can try your hand at Crazy Penguin Catapult. This inclusion in our games similar to Learn To Fly array somewhat resembles the engaging title Angry Birds. The aim here is to hurl penguins into the polar bears that are hiding behind ice sculptures and other obstacles.

Just keep in mind the two vital actions namely catapult and dive. There is even a crazy penguin power-up to take advantage of like a penguin on fire, rubber penguin, ninja penguin, and twins.


In the game Learn To Fly, one penguin finds out through the internet that he can’t fly. Mustering up the courage and loads of determination, he sets out to prove the world wrong and show everyone that he can indeed fly. Now if you appreciated the soaring and purchasing aspects of the game in question, then you’ll definitely love our games like Learn To Fly picks. And don’t forget to put on a brave face and wave to the clouds and birds as your fly right past them, all virtually of course. Do return to this space and let us know which ones caught your fancy and those that fell flat in your opinion. You might also want to check out our games like Happy Wheels roundup.