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6 Games Like It Girl

Games Like It Girl

The games like It Girl featured here allow you to tap into your inner fashionista. Most young gals would agree that some of their favorite activities would be shopping at malls (especially if there’s a sale), dressing up in trendy threads, chatting with girlfriends, attending fabulous parties and dating cute boys. Now, you’ll be able to live through all these scenarios as well as have a blast with pals, all through the virtual platform. What’s more, a handful of the options listed here also allow you to take the party with you wherever you go by proffering mobile applications. So, whether you’re seated at your PC or wielding your handset, you’ll be able to look fabulous and strut your stuff anywhere, anytime.

1 – The Sims:

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Option 1

The Sims franchise has always been there for players whenever they felt like stepping into an alternate reality just to get away from their dreary lives. Released more than a decade ago, this series allows you to create virtual individuals and decide their fate. And these people could be anything, from a scientific genius to a blood-sucking vampire. The brains behind this endeavor even unveiled a bunch of expansion packs under its title such as Generations, Pets, Late Night and World Adventures.

The in-game environment is your virtual playground here. You can either bestow misery upon your characters and put them in hopeless situations or let them live life in the fast lane. Would you send them to Egypt on an excavation expedition or will you get them to settle down with kids?

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2 – Top Girl:

Option 2

From the house that brought you the title in the spotlight, here comes another gem that allows you to stride onto the virtual ramp with your best foot forward. ‘Are you addicted to shopping? Do you dream of being a supermodel?,’ asks the developer. Well, if you’re already nodding in the affirmative, then you’ll surely want to take a peek at that this entrant in our games similar to It girl roster. Rise up the social ranks by creating sizzling outfits. And for making these ensembles, you can opt for tons of shoes, accessories, purses and clothes. You’ll even be able to flaunt some arm-candy, go on dates and spoil him with gifts. You can pick up this title from iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon App Store absolutely free of cost.

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3 – StarDoll:

Option 3

Stardoll is noted to be an online community that’s created for gals who simply love fashion, decorating, shopping, creativity and making new pals over the internet. When you sign on the dotted line, you’ll be able to craft your own MeDoll avatar and dress her up in the latest threads as well as decorate your fantasy home and socialize with other fashionistas from around the globe. Furthermore, you’ll be able to pick up trendy stuff by spending Star-dollars, the in-game currencies. You can also look forward to fame, fashion and Facebook friends, right here. Yes, there’s even a Facebook app for the same. And for style-conscious lassies, the company has unveiled Android and iOS apps.

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4 – IMVU:

Option 4

The online social entertainment destination mentioned in our It Girl alternatives array lets you create 3D avatars and get involved in a host of fun activities. You’ll also be able to meet new people, chat with members and dress up in the latest fashion trends. Aimed at pleasing the teenage niche, the website is even home to a plethora of virtual goods, most of which have been crafted by the users themselves.

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YouTube video

What’s more, you too can create your very own 2D stickers and 3D products as well as decorate rooms, join interesting groups and discuss topics that matter to you.

5 – Mall World:

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Option 5

Fashion and friendship are the two words that perfectly explain what this inclusion is all about. However, to elaborate further, you’ll be able to set up your very own boutique, sell your unique styles to customers and even provide your pals with a trendy makeover. Greeting cards, fashion shows and look books await you right here. Compete to win at fashion shows, spin the ‘wheel of fashion,’ open mystery boxes and take part in the dressing room game. What’s more, you’ll be able to take complete advantage of this title through various platforms like Android and iOS gadgets as well as Facebook.

6 – Social Girl:

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Option 5

Our final contender in our games similar to It Girl roundup calls you to ‘become the most popular social girl.’ If you like to go on dates with the hottest hunk in town or hang out with the ‘in’ crowd, then this title is definitely meant for you. Besides dressing up in the latest clothes and making new friends, you’ll also be able to shop until you drop and attend the most happening parties around the virtual town. Being the fashion-savvy lass that you are, you’ll even capture the heart of your crush who will pamper you with loads of goodies. This delight is available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch minus a price tag.


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All set to look glamorous without even getting a physical makeover? Well, waste no time in procuring these games like It Girl via your PC or portable device. Through the aforesaid gems, you could live a life that every other lass dreams of – date handsome guys, party all night long, go shopping and make new friends. You’ll also be able to dabble in the latest designs and fashion labels from around the globe without leaving the comfort of your home. Simply try them all and return with mentions of your favorites.