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7 Games Like IMVU

We’ve brought forth a list of games like IMVU for all you social butterflies who like making new friends on the virtual platform. These virtual world games even allow you to live an alternate lifestyle where anything is possible. You can create your avatar and mold yourself into a pop star, a diva or even a Hollywood actor. You’ll also be able to play games and chat with all the new pals you find online. The possibilities are endless in the virtual universe. And need we even mention that they are of the addictive sort? Well if you’re unsure, dive right in and see for yourself.

1 – Second Life

Second Life

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As the name aptly suggests, the game offers you a second life, which means you get another chance at living out your dreams. And across this virtual world, you’ll be able to take on the role of just about anybody. It could be a vampire, robot, animal or even a vehicle. Get ready to deck up for the part, slide right into your comfort zone and meet new people, all within a 3D environment.

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What’s more, you can interact with friends by using either text or voice. The marketplace also proffers popular designer items so that you look your stunning best while parading online. There are even group and individual activities to indulge in here. It’s ‘your world, your imagination.’

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2 – Habbo


This online game jumps into our games similar to IMVU roster, screaming out the words, ‘make friends, play online mini games and express yourself.’ You can create customized avatar called Habbos and place them into a virtual hotel environment which comprises separate Guest and Public Rooms. You’ll even be able to decorate the place with furniture and even adopt an adorable pet. And although you can play for free, select premium items and club subscriptions with additional features are tagged with a small price.

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3 – Meez


The maker of Meez calls on all you social stars to make yourself at home by opting for a ‘hood’ like Uptown, Chillville, Posh Heights, Burbia, Dockyards, Outlandia, Arcadia or Hell’s Kitchen. The virtual world game lets you sport trendy threads and even hang out and talk about the latest music, fashion, and hobbies. You can earn some in-game currency called  Coinz to purchase exclusive things for your avatars like accessories, clothing, and decoration for the Roomz. The Meez Nation is also endowed with more than 80 web-based casual games. So hop on and meet new individuals by posting texts on bulletin boards.

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4 – Kaneva


Looked upon as an amalgamation of a virtual world game and a social networking site, this particular entrant in our IMVU alternatives round-up lets you ‘express yourself and connect with friends online.’ Wondering what you bargain for here? Well, you’ll get your very own 3D space which you can decorate however you like.

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You’ll also be able to chill out with friends either at your new pad or in a public space. Chat with pals in real-time, shop for the latest trends, watch movies and listen to music without having to move out of your comfort zone.

5 – Gaia Online

Gaia Online

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Customize a free avatar, play exciting games with pals, set up a virtual home and join forums through this engaging life simulation site. In Gaia Online you can be a proud owner of that aquarium you’ve always wanted. You’ll be able to pass the time away by indulging in some fantastic online games such as word puzzles, racing, pinball, zOMG! and fishing.

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Your own avatar can even be adorned with modern hairstyles, accessories, weapons, and pets. Since its creation nearly a decade ago, the site has sparked the intrigue of many teenagers and other individuals who want to escape into an alternate virtual life. The members can get together and discuss topics that span across comics, fantasy, anime, fashion, and politics.

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6 – There


The next contender in our games similar to IMVU roundup is dubbed simply as There. It lets you chat with interesting folks through text or voice. You can even play fun games with them and do unimaginable things that you may not get a chance to do in reality. This means you can ride a fierce dragon, host a crazy theme party or design an interesting fashion line. Your personalized creations can also be sold for in game currency called Therebucks. So join the fun and dance till dawn, stroll down a beautiful park with someone special although you’ll be miles apart and even shop till you drop. Now, to do all this and more, you’ll need to shell out $10 each month.

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7 – Active Worlds

Active Worlds

Our final inclusion in our roster is a free to play online virtual world simulation game that lets you hop onto a 3D plain and chat with friends, customize your avatar or build your unique world. In Active Worlds, you’ll be able to meet and greet individuals from all over the globe, pick up furniture for your 3D home, scout the scene for new fashion trends, play 3D games and hang out with pals at your very own virtual pad.

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And besides adorning just your surroundings, you can even decorate yourself with a wide range of funky accessories.


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If you’re a fan of IMVU or or Instant Messaging Virtual Universe and looking out for substitutes, then you’ll surely love all of the games like IMVU mentioned above.

Whether it’s online chats, 3D avatars or the plethora of games that get you excited, you can expect to get lost within the confines of these enjoyable internet games almost instantly. Now go ahead and give them all a try and don’t forget to return with your favorite picks. You can leave your comments on the same in the space allotted just below.

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