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7 Games Like Habbo Hotel

If you want games like Habbo Hotel, then you’ve definitely halted at the right stop. The tagline attached to Habbo Hotel is ‘make friends, join the fun and get noticed.’ Well, this isn’t the only website out there that offers you all these particular treats. There’s, in fact, a plethora of them that entice loads of virtual players to their portal every day with these very features and then some. So take a peek at the list we’ve jotted down just for you and dive right in.

1 – Club Penguin:

Club Penguin

Instead of living your alternative online life as a human character, why not try being an adorable penguin instead? Well, in Club Penguin, you’ll be able to put your own spin on the quirky critter character by decorating it with trendy clothes and chic styles. Indulge in more than 20 fun activities that require teamwork, creativity, money management and motor skills.

There is also an intuitive safe chat option that puts forth only suggested phrases, making this an ideal option for younger children who want to tap into their social side. Adding to the adorable factor is the ability to adopt cute pets known as Puffles.

2 – WeeWorld:


There are plenty of games similar to Habbo Hotel out there so what’s so special about WeeWorld you might wonder? Well, besides the fact that it’s packed to the hilt with interesting attributes, you’ll even be able to rub shoulders with avatars of the rich and famous. According to the developer, personalities such as Snoop Dogg, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift, and Willow are among the many individuals who roam freely around these confines. When you hop right in, you’ll be able to chit-chat with other players, make new friends, engage in fun activities and decorate your very own space. Talking about activities, you can also take part in charitable campaigns and drug awareness programs.

3 – Gaia Online:

Gaia Online

Although Gaia Online made its way across the online terrain nearly a decade ago, it’s still one of the most sought-after places over the web where you can kick back, relax and simply live your life through the guise of a funky character. You’ll even be able to decorate your own home, speak your mind through forums and even own an aquarium.

YouTube video

What’s more, you can even get into a competitive mood by playing different titles like word puzzles, zOMG! and fishing. Lastly, the website even provides you with a host of decorative items that can be used to liven up your virtual living space as well as your avatar.

4 – IMVU:


At present, there are players from 90 countries expressing themselves via 3D avatars in IMVU. Now if you decide to join them, you’ll be able to create your own character, dress him or her up in the latest brands and even play various games. Meet new people and chat about your favorite topics or hobbies with other members.

YouTube video

Aimed at the teen crowd, this inclusion in our Habbo Hotel alternatives array also entices players with virtual content that’s mostly user-generated. You can also join groups, make 2D stickers and 3D products, and decorate your own space just the way you want.

5 – Meez:


Besides just flaunting new threads and accessories, your onscreen character in Meez will also be able to explore new exciting places. Some of these aptly-christened terrains include Chillville, Burbia, Uptown, Posh Heights, Hell’s Kitchen, Dockyards, Outlandia, and Arcadia. What’s more, you can pick up plenty of items and even decorate your room by earning virtual Coinz. And as far as competitive fun is concerned, the brains behind this endeavor reveal that there are more than 80 web-based casual titles thrown into the amalgamation. You’ll even be able to spot bulletin boards where you can pen down your thoughts so other players can see and comment on the same.

6 – Second Life:

Second Life

Much like the name itself suggests this contender in our games similar to Habbo Hotel round-up lets you live an alternate life by taking on the role of just about anyone you fancy. Here, you could be a blood-sucking vampire, an animal, a robot, or even a vehicle. You’ll get to roam around a 3D environment and procure trendy designer items from the marketplace.

YouTube video

Foraying onto the scene with the tagline, ‘your world, your imagination,’ the Second Life portal further allows you to interact with other players by using either your voice or text. So what’s your story?

7 – Poptropica:


Our final choice is also another safe place for children to communicate and make friends with other members from different parts of the globe. Created for kids between the ages of 6 and 15, Poptropica lets you create Poptropican characters and travel to different islands that are embedded with tons of fun stuff to do. They’ll even be able to read digital comics and books, watch movies and collect interesting objects. Kids can further take part in head-to-head competitions.


All of the aforementioned games like Habbo Hotel let you create your very own avatar, chat with others situated halfway across the globe, and take part in engaging activities. You can even freely roam across a vast virtual expanse and even live out an alternate lifestyle with new online friends and freshly decorated rooms. And who knows, you might just bump into your soul mate while exploring any of these games. Seen something that caught your interest while glancing through the different options? Well, don’t forget to leave your comments in the box below.