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6 Games Like Gaia

The following games like Gaia let you paint the virtual town red by stepping into a whole new avatar. They even allow you to dress your online character with snazzy threads, a cool appearance, and a unique personality. Through these games, you can zoom straight into fantastic worlds and even take part in engaging activities. Step in and see what it’s like to live an alternate lifestyle. What’s more, you’ll also be able to make loads of new friends and even share all your virtual experiences with them. Sounds exciting? Well, read on and give the entire list a try.

1 – WeeWorld:


Get ready to jump into a virtual world where you’ll be introduced to new individuals with similar tastes from all across the globe. And yes, like Gaia, you can also create your very own special avatar called WeeMee by opting for your particular gender, skin color, and eyeshade, among other things. In WeeWorld, you can even participate in different types of activities that pertain to drug awareness programs, charitable campaigns, jobs, celebrities, fashion, hobbies and tons of other fun stuff. You’ll also be able to put your own spin on your virtual space. What’s more, it’s free to play, so go ahead and create your avatar already.

2 – Habbo:


This entrant in our games similar to Gaia roster forays onto the scene bearing the tagline, ‘a strange place with awesome people.’ The fun portal is aimed at youth aged 13 and above. They can create unique onscreen characters and decorate their very own room as they please. And that’s not all. Habbo even lets them throw crazy parties, meet new individuals, get a virtual pet for companionship, chat with pals, engage in fun activities, earn badges and complete quests, all within the online confines. There are even Habbo Credits that are up for grabs here which allow you to buy ‘extras’ during your stay here. Let the fun begin by signing up for free.

3 – IMVU:


The free online social entertainment website has been enthralling audiences for nearly a decade now. Here you can create 3D avatars and stay in touch with players from all over the world. You’ll also find 3D chat rooms thrown into the amalgamation where you can join in the interesting conversations that take place here. Targeted towards the teenage niche, IMVU further lets you host fantastic parties, groove to your favorite tracks and even decorate your personal space with pieces of furniture and accessories.

According to the brains behind this endeavor, there’s a large virtual goods catalog that features more than 6 million items like 3D products and 2D stickers. You can further chat with like-minded individuals about your desired topics and interests.

4 – Second Life:

Second Life

Similar to the aforementioned game, this inclusion in our Gaia alternatives array also made its presence felt on the scenario around 10 years ago. In Second Life you can step into a free 3D virtual plane and get to know some interesting individuals a little better via free voice and text chats. There are loads of virtual places, each with its own stunning flavor to explore.

Head straight to the integrated marketplace and pick out designer items and accessories to adorn your onscreen character. What’s more, you can show off your creativity by building something new, making Machinima videos and taking snapshots. ‘So what’s your story going to be?’

5 – Zwinky:


The Zwinky developers call on you to ‘discover a place where fun, friends and fashion collide.’ Make your way to Zwinktopia and indulge in a variety of activities. Once here, you can make new friends via chat rooms, play exciting games, shop for furniture, clothes and accessories, decorate your personal dorm room and invite pals over to check out your new dwelling place. There’s also something called ZBucks and Zchievements that can be earned by exploring different areas of the online space, taking part in activities and inviting your friends over to join this exciting space. You can either save up the virtual currency or spend it at the Zwinchester mall.

6 – Poptropica:


Here’s another delicious treat kids can relish while they surf the web. This final contender in our games similar to Gaia roundup is aimed at pleasing children between the ages of 6 and 15 years. Looked upon as a safe haven for little tykes to play in, Poptropica allows them to create interesting Poptropican characters and explore a plethora of islands that are strewn across the portal. They can further expand their horizons by communicating with other children from around the world.

A few activities found here include reading books and comics, watching movies, embarking on fun quests and collecting a variety of objects. Some of the islands they’ll come across read as Vampire’s Curse, Red Dragon, Big Nate, Time Tangled, Counterfeit, Wimpy Boardwalk, Poptropolis, SOS Island, Mystery Train, Reality TV and Shrink Ray. Now if you wish to enroll your kid as a member of this website, you’ll have to part ways with just under $4, $11 and $20 for 1-, 3- and 6-month subscriptions, respectively.


Gaia was founded a decade ago, allows members to customize online self-images and dress them up in the latest fashion, hairstyle, and accessories. Members can even wield a special weapon and own a fuzzy pet. Social butterflies also have the ability to decorate their virtual home with furniture bits and play zOMG, word puzzles, pinball, jigsaws and go fishing, without having to leave the comfort of their home.

Now if you consider yourself one among that lot and are simply itching to dive into games like Gaia, well don’t hesitate to try your hand at all of the aforementioned treats. And don’t forget to leave your favorite mentions in the box below.