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7 Games Like Fire Emblem

Games Like Fire Emblem

The lineup of games like Fire Emblem explores the turn-based tactics genre. And besides just putting a smile on the faces of fans, the options also offer something unique for everyone to enjoy. You can see them floating across various consoles and systems such as the PC and Game Boy Advance as well as smartphones and tablets. They are even sprinkled with a hint of fantasy just like Fire Emblem. So are you set to dive in and see just what games have been featured here?

1 – Advance Wars:

Advance Wars

‘Advance to victory’ via the respective games featured under this particular series. Developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo, the delights all offer turn-based tactic goodness and hit the scene through the Game Boy Advance and DS handheld consoles.

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The latest entrant in the series is Days of Ruin. It unveiled across the scene in 2008 for the Nintendo DS system. Here you can expect to see a lengthy campaign, an engrossing storyline, more than 170 maps, full voice chat, map editor and more.

2 – King’s Bounty:

King’s Bounty

This inclusion in our games similar to Fire Emblem array is also a turn-based game that initially released in 1990. Nearly 20 years later, King’s Bounty: The Legend made its appearance felt in the gaming terrain. Besides featuring a few vital elements plucked right out of the original game and a fantasy theme, it also incorporates a modern interface and fresh gameplay. There’s even a sequel to King’s Bounty that’s christened Armored Princess. The adventure RPG lets you step into the shoes of Princess Amelie and explore the uncharted world of Teana. You’ll also come face to face with monsters, terrible creatures, scary bosses and a race of dangerous lizardmen.

3 – Shining Force:

Shining Force

Though we’re done reminiscing about retro games? Well, think again. This particular one is looked upon as a turn-based tactical RPG that released in 1992 for the Sega Mega Drive console. Sometime later, the same standalone game made its way to the GBA, Wii, PC, and even iOS devices. The latter sees the rise of a young swordsman who must rally the troops and stand up against the dark forces of Runefaust.

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You can opt from 29 unique characters and create a team that’s made up of 11 members. There are 8 chapters, 43 monsters, 34 weapons, and 30 turn-based strategy battles to indulge in here. All this can be yours by shelling out just under a dollar.

4 – Battle for Wesnoth:

Battle for Wesnoth

This turn-based tactical strategy game forays onto our Fire Emblem alternatives list in a variety of garbs. Designed by David White, Battle for Wesnoth first made its appearance onscreen in 2003. Besides being an open-source game, it can also be found on Google Play and iTunes for Android gadgets and the iPad, respectively.

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Here, you can step into the shoes of a young officer who must build a mighty army and fight fierce battles in order to regain the throne of Wesnoth. The mobile versions include more than 200 scenarios spread across 15 campaigns, over 200 unit types in 6 factions and multiple difficulty levels.

5 – Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes:

Grotesque Tactics Evil Heroes

Claimed to be a ‘satirical RPG with a strategic combat system’ by its developer, Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes plays host to 10 anti-heroes, a humorous storyline and lots of amusing dialogues. It further features bits and pieces of western and Asian strategy RPGs such as Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics. On your in-game team, you’ll be able to recruit the likes of Angel Angelina, Vampire Solitaire and Holy Avatar. The game is also packed to the hilt with classic RPG elements like treasures, quests, out-fitting a party of heroes and indulging in trade.

6 – Knighturn RPG:

Knighturn RPG

Adding to the array of mobile titles in our games similar to Fire Emblem roundup is yet another engaging contender that’s available for iOS and Android devices. The application is filled to the brim with various interesting character classes like Necromancer, Champion, Death Knight, Giant, Bat Rider, Archer, Warrior, Paladin, Witch, Mage, and Heretic.

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The maker has also thrown in more than 40 hours of gameplay, a medieval fantasy storyline and over 55 scenarios that play out across 4 landscape settings namely forest, town, dungeon, and swamp. And while you have to part ways with just under $5, there are even lite versions of the same which can be acquired absolutely free of cost.

7 – The War of Eustrath:

The War of Eustrath

If you call yourself a fan of the series and own an Apple handset or tablet, we suggest you head straight to the App Store and download this delight. Categorized under the strategic/tactical RPG genre, The War of Eustrath lets you control different factions known as GEARs as well as characters that possess unique abilities. You’ll be pulled right into the fantastic world of Eustrath where you’ll get to experience multiple storylines that boast of several endings. In order to avail of this game, you must be prepared to pay just under $3.


Fire Emblem is noted to be a fantasy tactical RPG series that’s developed and published by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo, respectively. It boasts of including a whole slew of interesting titles under its belt. Some of these names read as Gaiden, The Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn and Awakening. These games made their way across the gaming terrain via the Wii, 3DS, GameCube, GameBoy Advance and Virtual Console.

So which of the aforesaid games like Fire Emblem are you planning to get your hands on? Will it be something for the PC or a portable name that can be played on your iPhone or Android-powered device? Well, whatever you opt for, do share some of those names with us.