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8 Games Like Fantage

By jotting down the various games like Fantage, we aim to bring forth captivating options that will appeal to both children and parents. Fantage is an MMORPG virtual world that’s filled with loads of activities and online games. The different games featured here also bear similar attributes and offer a safe haven for little ones and tweens to interact with each other and simply have fun while online. So if you’re looking for such games, then read on.

1 – Club Penguin

Club Penguin

Published by Disney, Club Penguin lets players create cute cartoon penguin avatars. It is also an MMORPG that offers a vast virtual world for children to dabble in. They can use emotes, chat and even send greeting cards via this space. Besides these attributes, there are other activates that can be carried out across the snow-covered island of Club Penguin.

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This includes adopting a Puffle pet, attending special events and earning virtual coins for designing your igloo and purchasing colorful outfits for your avatar. Although it’s fashioned for kids between the ages of 6 and 14, the website is open to all, according to the company.

2 – Pandanda:


After waddling with Penguins, we now introduce into our games similar to Fantage list an imaginative online world that’s swarming with cute furry Red Pandas; and you can be one of them. Pandanda is a place where kids can play games with their pals and even make some new ones while diving into the various intricacies the site has to offer. Along the way, they can collect treasures, decorate their own treehouse, win awards and earn virtual coins by playing games. The fun continues with fishing trips and even the ability to adopt a pet dragon.

3 – WeeWorld


Want to create a WeeMee alongside the rich and famous? Well, jump right into WeeWorld and fashion your personal in-game character. As the developer claims, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake, Willow, and even Snoop Dogg all have WeeMees created for themselves on this website. Furthermore, you can design your own room, make new friends, play games, hang out and chat with friends. The maker aims to bring identity exploration to life by enabling youth and other young PC players to participate in thoughtful gameplay actions. Some of these activities include drug awareness programs and charitable campaigns. Other fun topics that are touched upon here read as fashion, hobbies, and celebrities.

4 – Woogi World

Woogi World

The next contender in our Fantage alternatives array brings forth kid-centric, collaborative learning complete with real-time assessment and ROI analysis. We are talking about Woogi World which teaches K-6 students by employing the latest social networking technology and gaming techniques.

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Through extrinsic and intrinsic rewards, children will be able to learn languages, academics, character, arts, health, service and proper internet usage. This game even brings all the learning fun to the mobile terrain via apps such as Little Green Riding Hood and DigiWoog Disaster.

5 – Poptropica


Pronounced as pop-trop-i-kuh, Poptropica boasts of providing fun games, stories and quests crafted especially for children. Since its launch back in 2007, this virtual world has garnered the interest of kids from all across the globe. Little ones have the ability to create Poptropican characters and travel across the different Islands of Poptropica. Children can further hone their problem-solving skills by deciphering the islands’ mysteries. While on their escapades, they can also read digital books and comics, watch movies, collect objects and indulge in head-to-head competition with others.

6 – Zwinky


Wondering what a game like Zwinky has to offer? Well, it’s a virtual universe where you can create your own identity through personalized avatars and even purchase furniture and clothing by earning Zchievements and ZBucks. Hang out with all your friends in a private room where you can share and gossip about hot topics. This inclusion in our games similar to Fantage roster also allows you to earn cash called ZBucks by playing various games within the online confines itself as well as exploring different areas and inviting pals to join in.

7 – Bearville


Looks like little children simply can’t get enough of the cute and cuddly sort. Bearville aids in developing the kids’ self-esteem, creativity, socialization, imagination, personal development, and self-expression. What’s more, you can sign up absolutely free of cost and it doesn’t even involve spending any cash on membership fees. Aimed at PC players that are aged 6 to 14, the game allows them to create their own in-game character and even visit the virtual Build-A-Bear Workshop store in Town Square. Putting the parent’s concerns to rest, the maker reveals that there are 3 chat systems they can avail of namely, safe open chat, instant chat, and silent chat.

8 – Webosaurs


What is Webosaurs? Well, it’s noted to be a social gaming platform that splashes across the online terrain with loads of goodies. These include in-world exploration, 3D avatar customization, action-packed games, and virtual battles. Fashioned for kids aged between 5 and 12 years, this gem strives to provide the ultimate interactive experience.

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Children can take on the form of their very own Webosaur and even customize their appearance with the help of attractive accessories. Here, 2 chat types are offered namely, a safe chat that involves preset phrases, and open chat for typing out words.


If you’re scouring the web looking for games like Fantage, then you’ve come to the right page. The aforementioned delights all incorporate fun activities and games that are intended especially for little ones. So which games among the lot appealed to your child? Do let us know by dropping a comment in the box below.