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9 Games Like Evony

Games Like Evony

The 9 exciting games like Evony are here to invade your space with some online multiplayer gems. Earlier known as Civory, the Adobe Flash-based game called Evony unleashed across the terrain just 3 years ago and has since attracted a large number of players who are on the lookout for an MMORTS game that’s sprinkled with fantasy and medieval elements. Here you can make friends, form alliances and battle bad guys, all on the virtual plane. Well, the 9 alternatives we’ve gathered also offer similar features. So if you’re a fan of Evony, we’re sure you’ll appreciate these games.

1 – Travian:


Travian is a browser game that lets you build your very own empire, form a mighty army and unite with allies to take down formidable enemies. You’ll even be able to interact with loads of other players within the confines of the game. Lately, the developer has also thrown into the amalgamation a revolutionized hero system, an interactive map, and completely revamped graphics. Dive right into an MMO that offers militaristic real-time strategy elements sprinkled with a dollop of fun. There are hundreds of individual challenges and tasks that provide rich rewards so you can either utilize the equipment items for your benefit or convert them into cash at the auction house.

2 – KingsAge:


Looking out for a knight in shining armor or a damsel in distress? Well, you might just find what you seek in KingsAge. This inclusion in our games similar to Evony roster transports you to an age where knights roamed on mighty steeds and kings were crowned supreme. Take up the reins of leadership and watch carefully over your kingdom during its good and bad phases. You begin your quest with just a small castle, a few loyal settlers and little acres of farmland. It’s now up to you to convert that small settlement into a large, thriving city. But you aren’t the only ones scattered across the plain. There are other kingdoms that belong to players from all around the globe. Choose wisely who to trade with and who to confront.

3 – Empire Rising:

Empire Rising

In Empire Rising, you’ll be transported back to the year 1435 AD where the world is in a situation of anarchy. There are unrest and tension spreading like wildfire across various nations. The inhabitants are now crying out for a savior who can restore peace once again. It’s the end of the dark ages and the dawn of the Renaissance.

You’re called upon to build a flourishing empire, form an army and slowly rise to power. There are 4 nations featured here namely, England, France, Prussia, and Ottoman whose unique units include longbowmen, musketeers, Hussars and War Elephants, respectively. So conquer Europe, colonize your neighbors, build your council and stride through the Feudal and Castle ages to emerge triumphant in the Empire Age.

4 – Grepolis:


Inspired by well-known Greek characters like Achilles and Ulysses? Well, now you’ll get a chance to wear your toga and relive the glory of Greece in Grepolis. The real-time strategy game is a free browser-based online game that enables you to build a small Polis and convert it into a large metropolis.

You can also command a powerful army and navy to conquer foreign islands. And don’t forget that the Gods play a vital role in your in-game journey to glory and fame. So make sure the inhabitants of the Greek Parthenon like Zeus, Hera and Poseidon are appeased at all times.

5 – Kingory:


Here’s a strategic browser-based game that can be perfectly categorized along with the other Evony alternatives. However, this particular contender is based in Ancient China while the events that played out in Evony are set in Medieval Europe. Each city incorporates 9 types of buildings and 4 types of resource fields in the town and rural areas, respectively. The real-time simulation system allows you to control 10 types of soldiers, 5 kinds of fortifications and 15 technologies. Choose from 920 high heroes and enter into the Team-NPC Arena where you can dabble in PVE and PVP matches.

6 – Tribal Wars:

Tribal Wars

From China, we pack our bags and make tracks back to the Middle Ages in Tribal Wars. This browser-based online game that’s set in Medieval times just like Evony enables you to control a small village that slowly gains prosperity under your leadership.

But you aren’t the only one looking to expand your village so strategically recruit troops, find tribes and conquer neighboring villages.

7 – OGame:


We now move on to a game that’s out of this world, quite literally. OGame is a browser-based, resource-management MMO that incorporates space-war themes. And remember, you won’t be the only extraterrestrial out there as other players from around the globe will join you in outer space. Indulge in an intergalactic conquest directly from your web browser. Turn an undeveloped world into a mighty empire that is brave enough to rule other colonies. Wage war with other flourishing planets, create a military and economic infrastructure and even build an armada.

8 – Three Kingdoms Online:

Three Kingdoms Online

Can’t get enough of the Orient? Well, we’ve included another title in our games similar to Evony lineup which also lets you explore the wonders of ancient China. The Three Kingdoms Online entrant pits you against thousands of players plucked from different parts of the world.

You can embark on heroic exploits and faction quests. However, you must first opt for any one of the 3 countries namely, Wei, Shu, and Wu. You can also rub shoulders with legendary figures like Lu Bu, Cao Cao, and Guan Yu.

9 – Tagoria:


Craving for a fantasy game? Then we suggest you take a peek at a game christened Tagoria. Brace yourself as you’ll come face to face with dangerous monsters and fearless warriors. Enter into epic battles, plunder various goodies, make friends along the way and take advantage of over 250 different items scattered across the game. There is also a divine-favor feature present here along with magic rune stones, item trading, and epic horde battles.


The 9 aforementioned games like Evony zoom to the forefront, ahead of the other similar games that are available across the internet by the dozen. Knights in shining armor, beautiful characters, and stunning environments are what you bargain for when you try your hand at each one of the games present in our kitty. Do tell us what you think about our extensive list by stating your comments in the box below?