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7 Games Like Dota

Are you scouting the scene for games like Dota? Well, you’ve joined the right party as we’re about to splash forth a whole host of names that will surely blow your mind. If you’re a fan of the game ‘Defense of the Ancients,’ that means you definitely love dabbling in multiplayer online battle arena titles. You’ve seen Dota shine across various tournaments since its release. Now feel the heat radiating from similar games that do justice to every aspect of this genre.

1 – League of Legends:

League of Legends

We kick-start the festivities by mentioning a game called League of Legends. You’re called on by developer Riot Games to take part in fast-paced team PvP battles and ‘become legendary.’ The game in question is an amalgamation of MMORPG and session-based game elements. Here you step into the shoes of a powerful Summoner who must muster up the courage and bravely control your selected champions as they enter into battle with other fearless warriors.

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Foray across the Fields of Justice and the different maps like The Twisted Treeline, Dominion and Summoners Rift, with an aim to conquer the whole of Valoran. The only law – the winner rules all.

2 – Demigod:


Wondering how this particular entrant in our games similar to Dota roster got its name? Well, Demigod is christened after the charismatic characters that dominate the game. These mighty beings walk among mere mortals and fight for the place of the All-Father who disappeared without a trace. They are seen traveling all across the globe, vying for the title of true Godhood.

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You can choose any one from 8 characters and use your champion to defend against other competitors who exhibit brutal strength and sharp skills. Sprinkled with both tactical RTS and RPG elements, Demigod lets you begin at level 1, from where you have to work your way to the top by capturing flags and defeating enemies in order to gain experience.

3 – Smite:


If you like possessing godly powers and smiting your enemies with a powerful sting then you’re sure to love this one. Developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios, Smite is noted to be a third-person multiplayer online game that falls into the free-to-play segment. There’s a formidable list of mythical gods to choose from here.

Claiming to be inspired by Dota, Smite lets you get up close and personal with session-based arena combat and all the action that’s slated to be played out between the different gods and their minions. You’ll also be able to dive right into fights via a third-person camera view instead of an RTS one. Crack those knuckles and get ready to hit the WASD buttons on your keyboard.

4 – Heroes of Newerth:

Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth hit the scene around 2 years ago and unveiled across platforms like Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. The MOBA game is supposedly fashioned on the Dota formula and infused with fast-paced gameplay, splendid graphics, and statistical tracking. Also known as HoN, this contender in our Dota alternatives array plays host to 2 powerful sides namely, the Legion and Hellbourne.

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There are 103 heroes scattered around here, so you can opt for any one from the lot. What’s more, each of them possesses unique powers and individual advantages. Heroes of Newerth is developed and published by S2 Games.

5 – Bloodline Champions:

Bloodline Champions

The free-to-play action game called Bloodline Champions is developed by Stunlock Studios and published by Funcom. It made its appearance across the gaming terrain in early 2011. The title is created for up to 10 players to indulge in battle per game. Each session sees 2 teams fighting against each other for dominance. Bloodline Champions is also infused with various playable Bloodlines that incorporate different abilities and strengths.

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For example, you can either dabble in deceptive magic with the Harbinger or show your might by taking on the role of the Vanguard. Some of its attributes include a replay function, an observer mode, a single-player practice mode, and integrated VoIP support.

6 – Avalon Heroes:

Avalon Heroes

There’s more heroic action to bite into as Avalon Heroes makes its way into our list of games similar to Dota. Take advantage of various modes like the Battle and Arena ones. While the former allows you to pit yourself against another faction, the latter brings forth the Legendary Mob which can be defeated only by executing the perfect Hero strategy.

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What’s more, you don’t have to traverse through the vast virtual arena all by yourself. Tag along 8 pals and prepare to take down the strongest monster boss the Adventure mode has to dish out. Unravel the legend of the Oriens and Aeonia groups in Scenario mode. Avalon Heroes also features a special Plaza mode where you can go to upgrade your equipment, interact with friends and form a guild.

7 – Super Monday Night Combat:

Super Monday Night Combat

Step into the future with Super Monday Night Combat. It released not too long ago and has already captured the hearts of gamers with its strategic multiplayer shooter elements. The game is packed to the hilt with different engaging ingredients such as a deep meta-game, intense tactical combat, loads of customization options and a large roster of Pros.

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The free-to-play game, which is currently available on Steam, provides an engaging third-person perspective as you battle it out in the Monday Night Combat arena.


We know that Defense of the Ancients fans are eagerly awaiting Dota 2. Set to emerge from the house of developer and publisher Valve Corporation, it’s the upcoming stand-alone sequel to the WoW mod. The game that caught the attention of PC players all over the globe ever since 2010, is expected to release sometime later this year. And until then, why not try out all of the aforesaid games like Dota?

So which are your favorite ones from among the lot? Is it League of Legends or maybe something a bit different like Super Monday Night Combat? Whatever be your pick, don’t forget to leave your comments in the box situated just below.

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