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8 Games Like Diablo

Our selection of games like Diablo certainly possesses all the vital elements needed for producing exciting gameplay options of this sort. Ever since the release of its first game way back in 1996, the Diablo franchise has captivated the interest of many a gamer. Its popularity was enough to sprout other games that incorporated similar addictive features. Some of the series’ alternatives have been listed below, so if you’re a fan of Diablo or just on the lookout for similar action, you’ve come to the right place.

1 – Path Of Exile

Path Of Exile

If you’re scouring the web in search of a dark fantasy online action RPG complete with visceral combat, then you simply must check out Path Of Exile. Endowed with the same shroud of darkness like Diablo, this game plucks players from their homeland and transports them to the hostile continent of Wraeclast. To survive this post-apocalyptic world, you and the other exiles must sharpen their skills and find powerful magical artifacts. Drenched in realistic art style graphics, the game features randomly-generated indoor and outdoor areas. Other attributes include PvP combat as well as a treasure chest of skills. Path Of Exile is currently in closed beta and expected to enter open beta only by August this year.

2 – Torchlight


Developed and published by Runic Games, Torchlight can be categorized as a worthy contender amongst the various other games similar to Diablo. This action RPG game offers an adventure of a lifetime to all those who dare trudge down a path filled with peril and danger. The townspeople of Torchlight are crying out for a champion who will embark on a journey through ancient tombs and lost cities.

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Players can opt from a trio of character classes namely, Vanquisher, Alchemist, and Destroyer. You can expect to be bombarded with new adventures, puzzles, items, monsters, treasures and levels as each of these is randomly generated by the game. Packed with an intuitive interface, Torchlight also allows you to take along a pet for companionship while on your escapades.

3 – Fate

Fate Undiscovered Realms

Although the single-player action RPG game Fate released back in 2005, the developer has after that released three expansions namely, Undiscovered Realms, The Traitor Soul and The Cursed King. Closely fashioned after Diablo II, this game features fiery dungeons, magic spells, pet transformations, and unique weaponry. In Undiscovered Realms, you are once again called upon to take up the champion cause and guide a stranger to the ancient temple which is located at the end of a dangerous dungeon. And as the developer reveals, ‘determine your Fate with countless levels and unlimited replay in this dungeon-crawling game.’

4 – Dungeon Siege Series

Dungeon Siege Series

The next inclusion in our Diablo alternatives roster is Dungeon Siege. The RPG series boasts of incorporating three games under its name. The latest iteration, Dungeon Siege III invaded the terrain just last year and allowed gamers to take on the role of one among four playable heroes namely Lucas, Anjali, Katarina, and Reinhart. A variety of weapons, magic, and special moves are up for grabs in this installment.

Furthermore, the story and environment are altered as per the player’s actions. You can indulge in up to 4 player online and co-op play modes when you feel like jumping into the game with a partner or two.

5 – Silverfall


In Silverfall, you must create and customize your hero with over 130 skills and magic spells to defeat the Order of Nothingness. There are 4 Nelwë races to opt from namely, elf, troll, human, and goblin. Once you’re done formulating your champion, you can now roam freely across exotic lands such as the city of Blazis and the floating city of Cloudworks.

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Special effects and detailed environments are what you can expect while journeying through the world of Silverfall. The game can be played with up to 8 individuals in multiplayer mode, either on the internet or via LAN. You can even choose between PvP or co-operative play. And much like the game in question, this game is also categorized under the hack and slash RPG game slot.

6 – Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Sacred 2 Fallen Angel

Set against a fantasy backdrop, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel enables Diablo fans and other action enthusiasts to step into the shoes of different playable classes such as High Elf, Seraphim, Dryad, Shadow Warrior, Inquisitor, and Temple Guardian.

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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is embedded with a captivating story that’s filled with secrets and side quests. There are loads of items and weapons, sophisticated spells and combat arts available at your disposal. Besides catering to just PC players, this game can also be acquired on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

7 – Titan Quest

Titan Quest

As per the maker, you’ll ‘discover the courage that turns heroes into legends.’ And if you love games similar to Diablo, then you’ll want to get your hands on Titan Quest. The epic RPG action game is set in various ancient terrains like Egypt, Greece, and Asia. As expected, the Titans are free once again, and the Gods are in search of a hero who will put an end to the havoc and destruction that’s plaguing the earth.

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The storyline will take you through brilliant places such as The Great Wall, the Parthenon, Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Great Pyramids. During the campaign, you’ll have to put up a brave face against famous mythological beasts and other such horrors.

8 – Loki


Here’s another game that exploits the attributes of a hack and slash game while being sprinkled with mythological magic. Simply titled Loki, this action RPG for the PC forays onto the scene complete with special effects, hi-res graphics, and 3D dazzle. You can choose any one of the four great mythologies namely a powerful Egyptian sorcerer, a mighty Norse warrior, a skilled Aztec shaman, and a fierce Greek fighter. Each option has its own skill sets and strengths as well as different fighting methods. The path is paved with many dangers such as mummies, skeletons, centaurs, Medusa, harpies, and other hideous creatures.


While some of the games like Diablo mentioned above can be played on the PC or consoles, there are also a handful of games that can be enjoyed online. So which ones managed to grab your attention?