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5 Games like Cut the Rope

All the games like Cut the Rope which we’ve listed in the space below provide you with captivating puzzles and other fun elements to feast yourselves on. Being physics-based, each of them comes with the kind of elements that make such titles click among so many people. Created by ZeptoLab, the game in concern was first launched in its original form back in 2010, and had managed to create a considerable amount of fan following for itself, thanks not only to its gameplay but also its distinct visuals highlighted by the adorable main character.

Named Om Nom, this critter’s only goal in life is to gorge on lots and lots of candy. And it’s your job to somehow make it reach its mouth by solving the various puzzles that the game throws at you. Since 2010, a number of different variations of the title have been created by its developers, and these include its Experiments edition which involves a mad scientist trying to study Om Nom’s behavior and the Time Travel version which sees the creature enter different eras of time and meet its ancestors. As fun as they are, you are bound to finally complete all their levels someday or the other. What next? Have a look at these similar alternatives that’ll keep you busy till its makers come up with new levels.

1 – Where’s My Head?:

Where's My Head?

Since we’re talking about games similar to Cut the Rope let us start with something that also involves cutting some strings up in order to achieve your objectives. The stars from Zeptolab’s title are replaced here by coins, while instead of feeding Om Nom you need to try and land a skull on the remainder of the skeleton. Developed by Top Free Games, it’s available only for the iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad, and doesn’t have an Android version as yet. Over 100 distinct puzzle levels filled with physics-based gameplay have been infused into the title, and it even works with the devices’ accelerometers to give you tilt feedback in its captivating levels. Where’s My Head? is available for download currently through the App Store free of cost.

2 – Bridge Architect:

Bridge Architect

Here’s something that Android device owners can enjoy. Bridge Architect throws at you the simple goal of guiding a vehicle from one end to another by concocting bridges with the available materials. And that is not the only thing you need to worry about; you even need to keep in mind the weights and sizes of the vehicles to make your structures strong enough to sustain for the amount of time they take to cross the bridge. You draw your bridge on a blueprint page, using the game’s simple yet helpful interface, and once you think you’re done, you try it out by letting the vehicles pass from over it. Over 60 levels have been imbibed into Bridge Architect by its makers, while features such as automatic saves of built structures and online leaderboards make it an all the more enjoyable experience.

3 – Where’s my Water?:

Where’s my water?

Our next pick for this compilation of Cut the Rope alternatives is Disney’s Where’s my Water? It is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone as well as BlackBerry devices, and asks you to direct a supply of water towards an alligator named Swampy. And along the way, you’ll also get to meet other characters such as Allie, Cranky and Mystery Duck. Released in September last year, it was quick to climb up the charts thanks to its incredibly enjoyable gameplay. Another interesting fact is that Swampy is the first original Disney character created for a mobile game. Titles based on it like Where’s My Perry and Where’s my Micky are also worth indulging in.

4 – Drop the Chicken:

Drop the Chicken

Exclusive to iOS devices, Drop the Chicken is over 3 million downloads old, and still going strong. You are put in control of some objects which you must line up in such a way that you’re able to guide Chuck The Chicken into its nest while letting him gorge on some bugs on the way. To achieve this goal you can make use of various items such as balloons, fans, conveyors, mouse holes, elastic bands, chick magnets and springs. This GameCenter-supported game comes equipped with over 80 challenging levels that have been scattered across over 5 worlds.

5 – Spider Jack:

Spider Jack

From an abandoned barn to a buzzing laboratory, Spider Jack is ready to head anywhere to satisfy its cravings for flies. Over seventy-five levels filled with captivating physics-based puzzles find their way into this gem of a game which can be downloaded now through the App Store as well as the Google Play store. If you’re looking for games similar to Cut the Rope, and want a title that can come as close to the brilliance of that game as possible, you just ought to give Spider Jack a whirl.


Those are all the lovely titles we could accommodate into this collection of games like Cut the Rope. There are a pool of mobile games out there, and it’s really hard to play and judge each of them. It is hence that we could have missed out on some really interesting titles. If so, feel free to leave a description about them in the comments section that lies below. Meanwhile, we assure you that the games we’ve listed above are indeed worth jumping into if you’re all for such titles. So go ahead and download them right now.