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7 Games Like Command & Conquer

Games Like Command & Conquer

Want to get your hands on some great games like Command & Conquer? Well, then we’re guessing you love to dive right into titles that simply ooze with real-time strategy elements. Published by Electronic Arts, the premier game in the acclaimed Command & Conquer series released in 1995 and was among the first titles that were drenched in the RTS pool. However, the latest gem that bears the Command & Conquer name is Tiberium Alliances, which is a free-to-play MMO that unveiled earlier this year.

1 – Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos:

Warcraft III Reign of Chaos

Publisher and developer Blizzard Entertainment reveals, ‘survival is a matter of strategy.’ Wondering what delight they’re talking about? Well, it’s none other than Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, a game that made its way onto the scene a decade ago. Noted to be the third installment set in the Warcraft universe, Reign of Chaos lets players enter the gaming terrain disguised as any one of the 4 mighty races namely the humans, the undead, the orcs, and the night elves.

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Here, conflict and might rule the battlefield. You’ll also see cultures clash and strong alliances shift as the game progresses. You’re called on to gather together powerful hero units that are capable of learning spells, carrying around special items and even advancing in level.

2 – Company of Heroes:

Company of Heroes

The next inclusion in our roster of games similar to Command & Conquer is a game that goes by the name of the Company of Heroes. Also known as CoH, the game transports you into a visceral WWII setting. This means you get to gear up to experience what it’s like battling across war-ravaged environments and dynamic battlefields as well as dealing with heroic soldiers.

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Company of Heroes released 5 years ago is also packed with other great features such as advanced squad AI, stunning visuals and cinematic single-player elements. There’s also a 2 – 8 multiplayer competition that can be played via LAN or the internet. So gather up a few siblings or friends and jump right in.

3 – Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty:

Starcraft II Wings of Liberty

Want a futuristic military RTS game? Well, then Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is just the game that you might want to check out. The cataclysmic events take place in the far reaches of the Milky Way and are set in the 26th century. You’ll come face to face with 3 fantastic species namely, Zerg, Protoss, and Terran. Your main aim here is to defeat the Dominion along with its evil leader, Arcturus Mengsk. Build your own army and endow it with loads of formidable weapons.

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Wings of Liberty puts you in the driver’s seat as it allows you to choose which missions to embark upon and which storylines to accomplish. You and your friends can also indulge in heated online matches and show off your polished RTS skills. Do take a peek at this particular title that’s developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment especially if you love RTS titles.

4 – Age of Empires Online:

Age of Empires Online

We doubt there’ll be any RTS fan who hasn’t heard of the game ‘Age of Empires.’ The first title under its belt rolled out in 1997 and became quite popular among real-time strategy enthusiasts. Well, now our lineup of Command & Conquer alternatives ropes in the latest installment in the well-known series. Christened Age of Empires Online, the title covers some of the greatest civilizations that have made quite an impact on the world throughout the ages.

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This means, you’ll be able to rub shoulders with the Greeks, Persians, Celts, and Egyptians. Play competitively or cooperatively, complete quests, level up and even craft and trade items within the confines of the game. You can also build mighty empires as well as conquer new worlds.

5 – Rise of Nations:

Rise of Nations

Developed and published by Big Huge Games and Microsoft, respectively, Rise of Nations is made up of 18 nations and more than 200 military units. Step into the time machine and foray across 8 epoch eras in history. What’s more, each civilization boasts of its own special units.

Rise of Nations is also an amalgamation of both real-time as well as turn-based strategy elements. Other features include zooming scale, 32 rare resources, never depleting resources, smart citizens, streamlined fast-paced multiplayer and multiple victory conditions.

6 – Star Wars Empire at War:

Star Wars Empire at War

It seems that the force is strong with this particular entrant in our games similar to Command & Conquer roundup. Fans of the acclaimed franchise could get their hands on Star Wars Empire at War when it unleashed in 2006. Besides being infused with a single-player campaign mode, the title also comes complete with a 2-player campaign more as well as online skirmish modes which can be played with up to 8 gamers.

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You can battle across over 40 ground and space areas while even being able to send troops to invade different planets. Star Wars enthusiasts will be able to recognize a few familiar locations that are plucked right out from the saga namely, Dagobah, Tatooine and Yavin IV. ‘The war for the Star Wars galaxy is under your command. What would you do?’ asks the brains behind the galactic game.

7 – Warfare Incorporated:

Warfare Incorporated

Our final inclusion is aimed especially at iOS device owners who simply love to play RTS titles. Well, Warfare Incorporated will allow them to do just that, while on the go. You’re called on to wield your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and form formidable forces in order to defend the planet Icarus.

There are 41 multiplayer and single-player missions to relish here. Other attributes include 22 unit types, 2 alien landscapes and more than 350 add-on missions. Warfare Incorporated is available from the Apple App Store and can be acquired without even shelling out a penny.


Real-time strategy fans can take their pick from the aforementioned games like Command & Conquer list we’ve spread out right here. If you love playing any of the games that are associated with the series in question, then you’ll surely want to have a go at all the options strewn across this page. And once you’re done with that, come back and chat with us. Punch your comments about the different titles into the space allotted just below.