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6 Games Like Club Penguin

Games like Club Penguin provide kids with a virtual playground where they are free to explore various fun realms. Published and developed by Disney, Club Penguin offers gamers a place to play games, interact and just have a blast. And that’s precisely what the various options jotted down by us provide children and tweens strewn all across the globe. All these children and parent-friendly online worlds offer a safe haven for tots. Once plunged into the different terrains, they can let loose and simply dabble in interesting games and even learn a thing or two.

1 – Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall

Cartoon Network Universe FusionFall

Love watching cartoons online or on TV? Well, Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall is where you’ll find all your favorite cartoon characters, plucked right out of the much-loved TV channel. Get ready to indulge in action-packed platforming challenges that are featured in every game area. There are also exciting missions to complete and puzzles to solve. You can mix around with familiar faces like Ben 10, Dexter, Samurai Jack and more while fending off hideous monsters and Fusions, the dark versions of the Cartoon Network characters. Create custom avatars by opting from various combinations in the character creation studio. These avatars can roam around obstacle-filled environments and successfully complete missions.

2 – Neopets


From cartoon characters, we now move on to the furry and fluffy sort. Neopets crawls its way into our games similar to Club Penguin roster bringing along with it virtual fun in the form of cute critters. Here, you can create and look after your very own Neopets and even buy toys, medicine, clothes, and food for them by using the in-game currency. This can be acquired by playing tons of games that are present on the website or by purchasing them with real-world cash. For more than a decade, this game has garnered the interest of children with its fantasy lands, cute creatures and loads of gameplay options. The world of Neopia boasts of many exotic places such as Krawk Island, Faerieland, Kreludor, and Haunted Woods. Although you can create a free account, there are also 1, 4 and 12 months membership plans up for grabs. These can be acquired by shelling out $3.95, $24.95 and $69.95, respectively.

3 – Free Realms

Free Realms

Free Realms lets you dive into a 3D virtual world that can be accessed directly from your web browser absolutely free of cost. However, you’ll first need to create a special in-game character before exploring the vast expanses of this unique world. Once that’s done, you can decorate your own dwelling place and even invite all your friends over for a virtual party. Race your car, whip up a tasty meal, mine for gold or look for lost treasure. The possibilities are endless. The game also allows you to choose your own pet from the Adoption Center. Furthermore, you can show off your combat skills by defeating tough enemies and fierce creatures like forest trolls, giant spiders, and hobgoblins. The online world comprises of various regions such as Snowhill, Blackspore, and Seaside Village. Developed by SOE, Free Realms is also available on the PS3.

4 – Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters

Ever wanted to adopt a monster? Well, now you can, but in the virtual terrain of course. Moshi Monsters, the next entrant in our Club Penguin alternatives array, enables little kids to look after their very own critter. They can further pamper their pet by spending Rox, the in-game currency to purchase wonderful things from the virtual shop. In order to splurge on their creatures, they have to first earn cash by completing daily puzzle games. Children can also interact with others by taking advantage of various safe social networking attributes like news-feeds, Monster blogs, buddy lists, and pinboards. And parents can also wear a smile on their faces as the fun puzzles provided in this game, test the children’s logic, arithmetic, spatial and vocabulary skills. The better they perform, the more Rox they can earn for acquiring cool stuff.

5 – ToonTown Online

ToonTown Online

Here’s another gem from the house of Disney. Toontown Online is fashioned for kids as well as families. Players can build their own cartoon characters, christen them with funny names and even dip each one in vibrant colors. There are rewards to be won in the form of trophies, gags, and jellybeans. These goodies can be earned by playing mini-golf, going fishing and planting your own garden. Have a blast by calling all your friends for a party or build a racing kart to see who emerges as the fastest toon in town. But watch out for the evil robot Cogs who want to put an end to all the fun and frolic. You can defeat these mean tin cans by fighting them off with different gags like pie on the face or water squirts. There are also a plethora of mini-games to avail of and various playgrounds, buildings, and streets to discover.

6 – Pandanda


Last but not least, Pandanda makes its presence felt in our games similar to Club Penguin lineup. This virtual world community aims to provide a fun place for little kids to play and explore. They can create their very own red panda, win awards, gather treasures and even decorate their own treehouse. Although the game allows children to interact with other pandas, it offers a controlled environment by providing 2 types of chat, namely safe chat and standard filtered chat, so that there is no exchange of personal information or inappropriate words. Players can also earn virtual coins by playing various fun activities in Pandanda.


So if you’re looking for games like Club Penguin, here’s a list of alternatives that are definitely worth a try. All the aforementioned options are fashioned exclusively for kids to explore, interact and enjoy on a virtual level. Well, what did you think about our selection? Do you have any favorites of your own? Let us know by leaving in a comment or two in the box below.