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7 Games Like Bin Weevils

If you’re looking for games like Bin Weevils, then you’ll surely want a handful of titles that allow little tykes to safely roam around the virtual confines, soaking in everything they have to offer. This could be anything from adopting a pet to playing educational games. Well, you’ve stumbled onto the right place as we’ve jotted down a comprehensive list that incorporates delicious treats, with each of them featuring a whole slew of fun activities. They even claim to be safe havens where kids and young adults can go to mingle on a virtual level.

1 – Club Penguin:

The brains behind this particular endeavor calls all you children to ‘waddle around and meet new friends.’ Here you can dress up your online penguin character in bright outfits and endow it with loads of snazzy accessories. The website also offers you the ability to adopt colorful critters known as Puffles, each with its own color and personality. The vast confines are always buzzing with some engaging activity or the other.

Club Penguin

You’ll even be able to dabble in arts and crafts, read comics, check out new recipes and coloring pages. And as far as safety is concerned while talking to strangers here, you can breathe a little easier knowing that Club Penguin proffers an intuitive safe chat option where tiny tots can talk to each other using only special suggested phrases.

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2 – Habbo:

This entrant in our games similar to Bin Weevils roster jumps in with the tagline, ‘a strange place with awesome people.’ Keeping that in mind, check out what other features Habbo has in store for its visitors. Designed for players aged 13 and above, it lets you create a unique onscreen character and even allows you to decorate your own space.


And yes, you’ll be able to look after adorable pets, play tons of fun games and even embark on exciting quests. The site also takes the safety of its members very seriously. As the developer reveals, professional moderators are constantly monitoring the activity that goes on here.

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3 – Poptropica:

Step into this vibrant virtual world and play fun games, read books and comics, and even compete with your new-found friends in head-to-head challenges. Aimed to please children aged between 6 and 15 years, the website allows you to create a funky Poptropican character and explore different islands strewn across the portal. There’s plenty to do during your stay on these land masses.


Set out on exciting quests, collect interesting objects along the way and even watch fun movies. And since it caters to young audiences, the site lets tykes communicate with others situated across the globe by using just scripted chats. Membership begins at just under $4 for a month.

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4 – Moshi Monsters:

This inclusion in our Bin Weevils alternatives array is noted to be a free, safe online portal that allows you to adopt your very own pet monster. What’s more, you and your new furry companion can embark on exciting adventures, play games and solve puzzles together. Go ahead and explore Monstro City, tend to your own personal garden, design your own room and enter fun competitions.

Moshi Monsters

You’ll also be able to purchase virtual goodies by spending in-game currency known as Rox. Some of the other features that are embedded here read as Monster blogs, buddy lists, pinboards and newsfeeds. It further provides activities that test the child’s arithmetic, logic, and vocabulary skills. And as bonus rewards, they’ll be endowed with goodies as per their performances.

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5 – Fantage:

Dress up, socialize, make friends and play games, all within the confines of a safe online environment. But before diving into all these fun activities, you’ll need to create and customize your own virtual avatar by opting from a whole slew of hairstyles, distinctive features and clothing. This interesting game is an amalgamation that comprises of educational activities, social games and advanced customization.


Claiming to be ‘entertaining as well as knowledge-building,’ the cartoon portal also features topics like geography, math, language, arts and logic games. What’s more, you can choose any one from 3 communication options which include Fantage chat, safe chat and no chat.

6 – Neopets:

Those tiny tots looking for online websites that offer them the ability to adopt pets will surely want to spend hours on end dabbling in this interesting contender in our game similar to Bin Weevils roundup. Neopets allows you to own a fuzzy virtual creature and pamper it with yummy food, toys, clothes and medicine. All these items can be purchased by spending in-game currency known as Neopoints which you can acquire either by taking part in games or buying some greens with real world money.


Foray across different exotic areas like Faerieland, Krawk Island and Haunted Woods. When you sign up for an account, you’ll immediately receive 2,500 free Neopoints to begin with.

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7 – Panfu:

If you thought Po of Kung Fu Panda fame was cute, you’ll surely want to check out what this one has to offer. There are plenty of games and adventures that are aimed at curious kids. While the tiny tots are here, they can style their own panda, adopt cute pets, even care for them, and take part in a plethora of fun games.


And similar to the other sites listed here, they can make new pals and chat safely with them. The portal has tons of goodies for all those who are between the ages of 6 and 12 years.


What started off as a Nickelodeon short in the UK has now turned into an online buzzing bin where children flock to relish different fun activities. The name in question here is a place where kids can jump right in to adopt a virtual pet, chat with pals, play free online games, grow their own garden and watch cartoons. And since it involves bugs, insects and the like, you can expect to build and decorate your very own nest.

Just like how you played the role of an adorable creepy-crawly, most of the aforesaid games like Bin Weevils also let you take on the guise of an alternate form, like a cute looking penguin or cuddly panda. Try them out and don’t forget to leave your comments about your favorite ones in the box situated just below.