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Galileo iOS-controlled accessory revealed on Kickstarter

Galileo iOS Controlled Accessory 1

The Galileo project which was recently announced on Kickstarter, intends to enhance the utility of iOS devices. The accessory basically mounts the iPhone or iPod touch to seamlessly pan across for capturing content.

The offering is capable of 360-degree pan-and-tilt and its movement can be controlled by the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, new iPad, iPod touch 4th generation and even through the web browser. So to capture panorama shots, the Apple gadget can be mounted onto the accessory and remotely controlled to let the iPhone or iPod touch camera do its work. Needless to say, this docking station of sorts even powers up the iOS devices since it has been embedded with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery.

The latest offering can also be put to use for child monitoring and time-lapse as well as real estate photography. Plus, with its panning and titling capabilities, it may come in quite handy for cinematographers on the go. Ardent photographers can control the movement of the peripheral by either swiping their fingers across the screen or using the mouse via the web browser.

Galileo iOS Controlled Accessory 2

The Galileo accessory is integrated with a standard tripod screw, allowing it to be mounted for scenic shots. It further comes dipped in shades of black and white, while the limited edition of Kickstarter Green will also be made available for potential users, if and when this device materializes.

The Galileo project still happens to be in the pipeline and requires pledging of a total of $100,000 for it to become a reality.