Logitech Z623 speaker system comes to India

Logitech Z623 Speakers

Since we don’t come across devices with good quality in-built speakers as often as we’d like to, audio peripherals from companies such as Logitech are always a welcome sight. Not long after letting out the Z623 speaker system in Europe and the U.S., Logitech has decided to bring the same to India.

When hooked up to a PC or TV, this 2.1 system resounds with immersive audio output supported by 200W of power. The two-satellite-and-subwoofer architecture qualifies it for the THX certification it’s been stamped with. RCA and 3.5mm inputs, a headphone jack and the necessary cables come with the entire outfit.

The right speaker satellite allows volume and bass tweaks to audio being played out with the integrated controls. The Z623 has apparently been put through over 400 acoustic and electrical bench tests checking for frequency response, power output, distortion, noise and general performance.

The Logitech Z623 speaker system is slated to hit major retailers across India for Rs. 11,495.