Vuzix Tac-Eye monocular display claims AR-capability

Vuzix Tac-Eye

Vuzix has shown up at the 2011 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference with something most of us won’t really need. But if we’re talking about security, surveillance or industrial applications, the Vuzix Tac-Eye monocular display AR-enabled video eyewear should be of some interest.

The new display is designed to let wearers view what’s happening in the real world while simultaneously perusing computer generated information, graphics and alerts. If it doesn’t sound cool yet, think Iron Man without the suit. The eyewear is built for use in fields where robust hands-free video displays cannot be avoided.

“The Tac Eye ST fills a need that our defense and security customers have been asking for. Situational awareness is critical to a user’s safety in the field, and their ability to act and react quickly,” explained Paul J. Travers, CEO, Vuzix. “We are pleased to be able to deliver the see-through binocular sooner than we anticipated.”

The monocular see-through head mounted display can be clipped onto safety glasses or helmets. It connects to any compatible gadget with VGA or composite video out sockets. This gizmo is an SVGA monocular engineered to offer users a 32° field of view.

Vuzix plans to ship the Tac-Eye monocular display system with an optional tracker for exploiting its full AR capability.