RIM BlackBerry PlayBook tablets with LTE and HSPA+ support, count up to four versions

BlackBerry 4G PlayBook

Don’t like the PlayBook in Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi and WiMax models? RIM thinks they can grab the slate enthusiast’s fancy by launching the BlackBerry PlayBook in Wi-Fi and LTE as well as Wi-Fi and HSPA+ versions. Bringing up the count of RIM’s tablet variants to four, these newly announced flavors will wait until the second half of 2011 before hitting shelves.

“The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is already being widely recognized for its superior performance, rich web experience, enterprise readiness and deep support for web standards and open development tools. We are now building on the BlackBerry PlayBook’s many advantages with support for additional 4G networks that will allow enhanced business opportunities for carriers and developers and unparalleled mobile experiences for users,” explained Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO, RIM.

This upcoming slate is powered by BlackBerry Tablet OS and open development tools. Apart from offering Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity, it also accommodates Bluetooth tethering, BlackBerry Bridge and mobile hotspots. RIM’s multi-tasking offering even features symmetrical multiprocessing, out-of-the-box enterprise support, security functions and Adobe Flash for playing out content on its HD display.

RIM hasn’t made an official announcement regarding the actual pricing of any four versions of the BlackBerry 4G PlayBook so far. We do know that Sprint will launch it this summer, though information on pricing or plans accompanying the slate is again pretty foggy.