Hanvon invents 200dpi high-resolution electronic paper book

Hanvon 200dpi Electronic Book

Making complex handwriting inputs on terminal products while benefiting from the form of some electronic paper book has indeed witnessed feasibility courtesy this innovator. Plunking down more modernization in the same framework, Hanvon Technology recently announced a considerably large screen 200dpi high-resolution electronic paper book loaded with Freescale 508 processor at the 2011 International CES.

Touted to be the world’s model to feature 200dpi, the freshly unleashed variation comes equipped with an extensive range of integration capabilities. Powerful auxiliary reading functions, network functions and business office software have been embedded into the device, ensuring a high-quality paperless office and reading experience.

As large as a piece of A4 paper, the attractively sketched out device features a 9.68-inch E Ink screen and a new window-type operating interface for an unprecedented trip. Users can now take advantage of its support for Wi-Fi and 3G wireless Internet access. Sporting a fashionable look, the high-resolution electronic paper book can be facilely operated and controlled with a Hanvon electromagnetic pen.

Apart from this, by assigning its Hanvon third-generation pressure sensitive electromagnetic pen a task, users can also make comments, modifications and excerpts on it with smoothness. Those who like flipping through favorite pages might spot the difference between this new solution and traditional paper books.

Transcending the user encounter further is its instant translation, TTS voice reading and full text search. On asking about the device’s most highlighted drawing card, supreme functionality, versatile features and a high cost-effective rate swing around as an answer.

Well, as of now, there are no details on Hanvon’s new 200dpi electronic paper book pricing and availability.