Delta and Bridgestone enable Vivitek eReader based on QR-LPD

Delta Vivitek eReader

Rather than the size of the haversack, the number of books, magazines and newspapers that can be ported depends on the eReader’s memory capacity for a lot of people these days. And those who want to go around with a large choice of reading content should just get one. The CES 2011 played witness to Delta and Bridgestone’s color e-paper applications based on the latter company’s Quick Response Liquid Powder Display (QR-LPD) technologies.

The exhibits involved a 4.1” e-tag, a 21” e-signage display as well as 8.2” and 13.1” eReaders. Delta’s series of e-paper applications follow the ‘Go Beyond Reading’ design concept and give a thought to wireless connectivity blended with cloud data management systems for on-demand, real-time information delivery. The e-signage solution features cloud connectivity that could support the provision of intelligent interactive displays meant to optimize the user experience.

“There was a great deal of synergy between Bridgestone and Delta during the joint development of e-paper applications using the AeroBee products. In the strategic partnership Delta’s focus is on downstream development such as product design, software and hardware integration, as well as the development of various applications for the consumer electronics and the business-professional markets,” explained Jeff Fu, GM, Delta’s Display Solutions Business Unit. “The joint-development between Bridgestone and Delta has significantly shortened the time-to-market for e-paper products and solutions, which is certain to create a lot of momentum for a variety of color e-paper applications.”

Propped upon the company’s integrated ecosystem, the signage products are crafted for use in fields like education, logistics, outdoor advertising and sales among others. Meanwhile, Vivitek plans to distribute the eReader we’ve mentioned with its 8.2” Bridgestone AeroBee panel. It tips the scale at around 400gm and supports wireless connectivity as also handwriting recognition.

The device is touted to be the first ever mass-produced color QR-LPD eReader built especially for the Chinese market. There’s no word on when it will actually be launched or the likely pricing details.