Panasonic RP-TCM120 stereo headset unboxed

Panasonic RP-TCM120 Stereo Headset

Music lovers could be wooed with a stylish audio peripheral offering a dash of comfort, and this is what Panasonic seemingly puts forth. The newest Panasonic RP-TCM120 stereo headset jumps out of the company’s closet, promising to deliver superior audio quality while listening to music and also during phone calls.

The RP-TCM120 embeds neodymium magnet to balance high sounds and bass tones. It has been integrated with microphone for hands free calls with real sound experience even on the go. The noise isolation headphones claim to help preserve hearing in the long run. The headset enables comfortable listening even in noisy surroundings without increasing the volume.

The peripheral also touts to feature advanced technology and an ergo fit. This headset is designed to work with all handsets featuring a standard 3.5mm jack with the exception of Nokia phones. However, Nokia users get the option of Panasonic’s another model dubbed RP-TCN120.

The Panasonic RP-TCM120 stereo headset is priced at Rs. 699 and available through various format retail stores in India. The device has been backed by a one year warranty.