Aliph tosses in stylish Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Headset for iPhone 4

Jawbone Icon Headset

With Jays launching an eye-popping music headset and case-mate moving in with a host of gorgeous-looking cases, Aliph doesn’t want to be left behind. The company has just rolled out its new Jawbone Bluetooth headset for Apple iPhone 4, the Jawbone Icon.

The Icon enables users to enjoy a complete hands-free experience and listen to music, podcasts, get driving directions with A2DP technology. This stylish headset comes with a noise-eliminating technology and touts to be the only Bluetooth headset with a visual battery indicator meter on the iPhone.

“Jawbone Icon’s intelligence allows us to issue a constant stream of apps and innovations, which keeps the user experience fresh and exciting. As a result, customers are embracing the iPhone/Jawbone combination in record numbers,” stated Hosain Rahman, CEO, Aliph.

Jawbone MyTalk, an application platform for Jawbone’s Bluetooth headsets, is featured in the Jawbone Icon for users to download a number of applications in compliance with the Bluetooth wireless headset. Aliph has also decided to include two free apps ‘MyFavorite’ and ‘Voice on the Go’ with its offering.

“The number of Jawbone customers using the iPhone was growing so rapidly that we wanted to delight them with a breakthrough offering. Our technical team worked around the clock to optimize for superior sound with the iPhone and to craft the world’s first visual battery meter, as well as tight streaming audio integration with A2DP. We look forward to offering more exciting innovations in the near future,” he added.

With MyFavorite app and a button deployed on the Jawbone Icon headset, users can dial their favorite numbers, be it their home number, best friend’s or their favorite restaurant. The Voice on the Go app lets users listen to their email, texts, status updates and more as well as send emails, text messages, call or update their Facebook status or tweets only by using their voice. This complete hands free experience can be signed up for a 14-day free trial.

The pricing and availability details of the Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset are yet to be announced.