Nintendo America reveals Classic Controller Pro for Wii

Classic Controller Pro

Gaming enthusiasts will certainly remember Nintendo launching its enhanced Classic Controller Pro for Japan. Well, the controller with its added features now comes to North America. That’s right! Wii owners in North America can now grab the Classic Controller Pro accessory for their Wii home console.

Sporting grips that are ergonomically fabricated, this new controller also infuse two rows of shoulder buttons. It is compatible with more than 460 Wii, WiiWare and Virtual Console games.

The highlight of the controller is its easy plug-and-play functionality. Yes, it can be plugged straight into the Wii Remote controller offering both novice and veteran gamers a distinct control option. Enthusiasts can opt for the Classic Controller in either black or white colors.

The controller is available for a suggested retail price of $19.99. Additionally users in the U.S. can also opt to acquire a limited edition bundle that packs in the Classic Controller Pro along with a copy of the game Monster Hunter Tri both of which make their North American debut. The bundle is up for grabs for an approximate price of $59.99.