Sharp Aquos TV range with four color technology

Sharp Aquos TV Sharp UK has now declared the new Aquos LED LCD TV series which puts forth a fourth color sub-pixel, yellow, in addition to the traditional red, green, blue format.

This four color technology enables displaying billions of colors and also promises to deliver brighter and clearer viewing. This Aquos range comes in a sleek and stylish design, adorning rounded edges and a super thin 39mm deep screen.

Dr Jack Lewis, neuroscientist said; “A key mechanism of perceiving colour involves comparing levels of red versus green light and blue versus yellow light, which all happens in a special layer of neurons within the retina. The addition of the yellow sub-pixel (to the standard red, green and blue) in this product creates so many new colour tones that the new technology Sharp is using to create images is mimicking critical features of the brain’s visual system that turn all those lightwaves striking the retina into beautiful, vividly-coloured, images in our minds. This could ultimately make us feel more involved in things we watch on TV, whether it’s playing a video game with your mates, cheering on your team or watching the latest action thriller.”

The Aquos models are HD-ready 1080p with Sharp’s UltraBrilliant Edge-lit panel technology. The TVs also come with built-in HD Freeview. The flagship model LC-LE921E features E-motion 200 technology for retained clarity and definition of moving images. The TVs feature cutting edge energy saving technology along with Sharp’s own LED backlight that helps with energy efficiency.

The 40-inch LC-LE811E, LC-LE821E, 46-inch LC-LE921E and 60-inch LC-LE920 will be available in the UK. The pricing details are unclear.