TomTom crashes in with XL 350 and XXL 550 series navigation devices

TomTom XXL 550

TomTom adds two new offerings to its extensive location and navigation products. The company infuses its acclaimed lineup with the TomTom XL 350 and XXL 550 series. The latest devices comprise of the new TomTom EasyMenu, loads of quality navigation features from the company and a sleek display.

The XL 350 and XXL 550 range includes the EasyMenu user interface for sharp graphics. Customers can also gain quick access to search tools with the help of the simple touchscreen menu. The devices present in the line-up comprise of TomTom Map Share and the company’s proprietary IQ Routes Technology. The former lets customers make map alterations while the latter provides them with efficient routing. The models also include more than 7 million points of interest and advanced Lane Guidance.

“These new products combine some of the most advanced and acclaimed TomTom features in an easy-to-use format and further deliver on our commitment to providing the most intelligent navigation products in the market. With the introduction of the XL 350 and XXL 550 range, we empower our users with the accuracy of TomTom’s most up-to-date maps and intelligent routing information that helps them avoid traffic delays and other hassles on the road,” explained Tom Murray, senior vice president of market development at TomTom.

The Lifetime Map Updates feature enables users to download accurate and updated maps every few months. This attribute can be seen housed in the XL 350M, XL 350TM, XXL 550M and XXL 550TM devices. Lifetime Traffic Updates includes real-time insight for current traffic conditions to avert delays. It also has the ability to receive all the latest traffic information while also suggesting better alternate routes and recalculating the total drive time. Lifetime Traffic Updates comes embedded within TomTom models such as XL 350T, XL 350TM, XXL 550 T, XXL 550 TM devices.

The X50 devices as well as the XL 350 4.3” and XL 550 5.0” models bear a starting price of $169 and can be picked up later this month. Lifetime Traffic Updates and Lifetime Maps can be purchased for an additional amount of $30.