Franklin designs AnyBook Reader for children

Franklin AnyBook Reader

Bedtime stories have always been one of the effective ways of parent-child bonding. However, the rapid pace of urban life has been leaving people with little time for family activities. To ensure that such personal communications stay within a family’s fold, Franklin Electronic Publishers has announced a new line-up of reading enhancement products. Dubbed as Franklin Discover, the range will hit stores with AnyBook Reader.

Devised to extend a warm learning experience, this interactive reader can be employed by parents for explaining concepts in their own voices. The AnyBook Reader works without the support of a PC or other special equipments and can be operated with three intuitive buttons. Users can select any book and mark each page with a sticker. Next, they will have to tap the sticker on each page with the reader and then record the content. The recorded narrative will be played out as children tap these stickers, maintaining the essence of the communication.

Barry J. Lipsky, President and Chief Executive Officer of Franklin Electronic Publishers, elaborated, “Franklin has always been known for its commitment to education, specifically in language and reading skills. We believe in simple solutions that everyone can afford and today we’re proud to be able to touch even our youngest readers. With AnyBook Reader, we’ve developed an engaging two-way communication device that by nature is interactive and personalized.”

This device has been aimed at satisfying the needs of those parents who travel on a regular basis. According to the company, the offering is capable of supporting any book from consumers’ collection and will not require them to spend additionally. Besides, the solution is independent of language and does not necessitate any programming or downloading. It facilitates parents to record their preferred content while they can also opt for the multi language vocabulary.

AnyBook Reader will be available in two models namely DRP-3000 and the DRP-4000. The former offers up to 15 hours of recording while the latter can store documented content for approximately 60 hours. The DRP-3000 reader will be up for grabs at the price of $39.99 and the DRP-4000 version can be purchased by making a payment of $59.99.