Marvell unveils SheevaPlug development kit: A small plug computing solution

Marvell SheevaPlug computer

Marvel recently released an ultra-small computer called SheevaPlug. The device is a plug computing solution that delivers high performance and manages digital media assets while storing them. The innovative device consumes very little power and also marks Marvell’s entry in the environment-friendly products terrain.

Designed to always keep a user connected, the SheevaPlug adorns a really small form factor. This makes it convenient to carry along as it can also be plugged directly into a standard wall socket. Consuming extremely low power, on comparing to a regular PC, the device draws less than 1/10th of the power supplied.

Based on the Marvell Kirkwood processor that includes an integrated 1.2GHz Sheeva CPU, the SheevaPlug development platform packs in many innovative features. The device is loaded with 512MB of Flash memory along with 512MB of DRAM memory. The device also offers support for the Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.

Other features of the SheevaPlug development kit include support for peripherals like DAS, USB 2.0 and multiple standard Linux 2.6 kernel distributions that offers rapid application development.

“There is no doubt that home networks need to become more intelligent and easier to use by offering value added services for the consumer. We have created an open computing platform for developers in a consumer and eco-friendly form factor. Marvell’s goal is to accelerate the development and availability of innovative software and services in the home,” commented Dr. Simon Milner, Vice President and General Manager of the Enterprise Business Unit, Consumer and Communications Business Group at Marvell. Semiconductor.

Many other products based on the SheevaPlug platform include the Axentra: HipServ software, Cloud Engines’ Pogoplug, device that connects the external hard drive to the internet and the CTera CloudPlug Cloud Attached Storage appliance that converts any USB drive into a NAS device with integrated secure offsite backup.

In addition, the SheevaPlug has also been incorporated by Eyecon that allows the user to direct any content from sources like internet, DVRs, PCs and NAS devices to a media device in the home.

Users can purchase the SheevaPlug development kit now through the Marvell website for a price of around $99.