Sanyo debuts high-speed wireless PLC-WXU700 LCD projector

Sanyo PLC-WXU700 Projector

Sanyo adds yet another innovative device to its wide range of LCD projectors. The company introduced the new high-speed portable wireless LCD projector dubbed as the PLC-WXU700. The widescreen projector, Sanyo claims is the first of its kind in the world.

Delivering IEEE802.11n high-speed wireless LAN, the projector is also capable of ultra-fast video streaming. On any computer running Windows Vista, the device also has the ability to function as a network projector. The built-in Windows Embedded CE 6.0 software allows the projector to function as a network projector. This allows LAN content to be transmitted wirelessly to the projector. A single click on the Windows Vista Network Projector function on the PC searches the projector and completes the connection.

Besides, the WXGA native resolution of the projector enables it for Widescreen XGA resolutions and weighs less than 8 pounds. Boasting of a high brightness of around 3800 lumens, the projector can also playback HD videos effortlessly. Its video streaming attribute allows it to playback videos stored on the computer’s hard drive. The file can be played even when it is being streamed or downloaded to the projector. Video streaming and playback is compatible with MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 and WMV file types.

“The Widescreen WXGA Ultra Portable Projector market is expected to grow significantly in 2009,” mentioned Mark Holt, Vice President and General Manager for Sanyo’s Presentation Technologies Division.“The PLC-WXU700 was designed with the most advanced features to meet the needs of the market with the industry’s first high-speed ‘n’ wireless functionality, video streaming and the highest brightness in its class for superior images in any environment.”

The projector also wraps in the Memory Viewer function that eliminates the need of a computer. It allows images and video saved on a portable USB drive to be instantly read and projected. A wireless connection to the projector can be created by simply inserting the Sanyo USB memory device into any wireless PC or Mac system. Besides, users can also connect computers that come without CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives including netbooks to the projector’s USB terminal that offers complete functionality.

It is also bundled with the company’s most recent Easy Set-up function that includes features like Auto Input Signal Search, Auto Vertical Keystone Correction and Guidance. Users don’t need to press any buttons on the remote or projector as the power turns on immediately after connecting the projector’s power cord. Saving energy while also allowing users to set up and move through a presentation really quickly, the power cord can be disconnected as soon as the projector is turned off.

Additional features of the PLC-WXU700 LCD projector include widescreen native aspect ratio of 1280 x 800, better light usage efficiency via a high-output 275-watt lamp and Sanyo’s latest optical engine along with cooling technologies that enable maximum image quality and performance. Incorporated with functions like Picture-In-Picture and Picture-By-Picture, the projector is equipped with a wide 1.6x optical zoom lens. These attributes allow the projector to be placed anywhere in the room.

Packaged with pulp molds that ca be recycled just like used paper, the projector conforms to the European RoHS Directive. Starting June, 2009 onwards, the projector is expected to be available at an approximate price of $2995.